What is the best herb to increase TESTOSTERONE

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    What is the best herb to increase TESTOSTERONE??

    Has any one here tried a product called RESVERATROL??? Supposedly it increases Testosterone big time…

    Are there any herbs that can raise T?

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    i would try something like diesel test, supposedly this is one of the best test boosters around

    nettle for increasing free test, mucuna for dopamine and thus testosterone, resveratrol may act as a mild estrogen inhibitor but is not reported to directly increase testosterone although it might due to its estrogen inhibiting activity, forskolin, icariin, all compounds which can help, longjack, tribulus

    please try diesel test with before and after blood tests to confirm if it works (zrt labs) and let us know, im pretty sure this one works



    thx will do

    i feel zinc in its picolinate form is one of the best supplements i have

    good for sperm production, testosterone production, protecting the prostate, lowering estrogen, overall good stuff



    awesome dude…. i actually have some zinc picolinate sitting in my home… i am gonna get started on that



    yeah Zinc, Vitamin A, D, E are most important for testosterone

    also magnesium is important to

    test your Vitamin D you’ll probably need 5000-10,000 IU of d3 daily to maintain high levels…

    20-30mg of zinc picolinate should be plenty… also take 1-2mg of copper

    it will probably take 1-2 years of taking 30mg daily to bring you to good levels

    i was 36 zinc (range: 38- 50); i been supplementing for over a year and my levels are now 39, so it takes a long timer… i should be over 40 by now

    i was able to raise my magnesium quite well.



    i don tthink anyone will ever be 100%, but you keep going and try to improve.

    7 minutes of actual intercourse is the average time.



    i sometimes gain 7 minutes or sometimes more, but if i haven’t masturbated in a few days and then see my chick i have to ask her not too give too much blowjob or i become way too sensitive

    so when i then do get in, i get in like 20 strokes or 30 and then i feel about to blow so switch up positions, like two or three times and then either i bust or have to wait a half minute and go again, so probably like 4-5 minutes max

    this sucks of course so im working on it



    yeah this was on aspire36 and whacked it before and may be even third round of sex, or it was winter and i had no hayfever and had a good day

    i had some crazy times on that pill but normally i am not this lasting



    Oh I see…. Aspire did not do sh*t for me…. the only thing i got from it was fever..

    I read about methionine and looks like its great for PE. I am positive it should work for you..



    Hey , I dont remember if I asked you this…but you think its okay to take a test booster(such as diesel test hardcore) while taking DHEA(or even hydrocortisone/isocort)? They dont affect each other? Anyone have any imput?



    i heard a low dose of Paxil and half the dosage of cialis works wonders for beating PE..

    also e2 is a big player in PE



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