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    What is the most important thing regarding healing?

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    honestly i would say if you could do one thing and and thing only it would be abstain. Honeslty i think it wouldnt really cure you but think about it if we were in the 1700s and this problem happend we wouldnt have acess to any of thsre supplements and medical advice. the one thing we could do and have any hope is abstain for as long as it took for your body to recover and pray for the best. Not to mention george miller beard who has that article on oldandolds.com about sexual neuresthenia(bascially identical to SE) said he cured people by making them abstain for long periods of time. he also had them exercise and live healthy etc but the number one thing was long term sexual abstinence.



    It’s crazy how important mentality is. When I first got here (to college), I was having a really good time and always had a positive attitude. Even though I was drinking almost every night, I was getting morning wood, getting boners throughout the day very easily (just by talking to girls or even receiving texts from them), was high in energy, clearheaded, etc. After the whole incident with me have a skinny penis, however, I started thinking about how I stunted my development and had sexual exhaustion and got extremely depressed and anxious. All my symptoms came back after that and I felt like shit and had erectile dysfunction. Now I’m starting to feel better again, definitely b/c of my change in mentality.



    Abstaining..no doubt

    it help you to stop worsening your case

    It helps alot in recovery ( especially if its practiced for along time)

    it reduce stress/anxiety

    Reduce the feel of guilt

    and with Abstaining..it should be followed with good exercise

    and good nutrition that is rich with the need and required nutrient by the body

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