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    Do you guys think it is hormonal problems, poor blood circulation, nervous energy, or some other issue?

    I know its most likely to be a combination of issues but if you guys have to pick one single important factor which one would it be?

    I am asking this because I always thought this was a hormonal problem. But I have been reading Bernarr McFadden’s book and he repeatedly mentions “Nervous Energy”. Other things like blood circulation and hormones come later. But the most important thing is Nervous Energy.

    What do you guys think?

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    I would say that nervous energy is 70% of the issue. Once you take a long break from all the ejaculations then your dopamine quits converting into norepinephrine and you eventually get your acetylcholine levels back up to normal. In this order Nervous Energy-Circulation-Hormones.



    When I used to masturbate on my early adulthood

    I had the feeling of happiness after each ejaculation..[ I feel that my soul is so light]

    But when you abuse your self…you start to fell darkness

    when A Man EJACULATE, HIS Bio-Energy accumulate to help in this process..

    latter on this energy will be recovered..Normally

    But when your Over Masturbate this energy start to be get weak…so you notice a slow ejaculation, fatigue and other symptoms

    Nervous system is almost 90% responsible about the erection & ejaculation

    for my I will pick the all of them bec. its a combination



    ok.. so how does the body make hormones? do we eat the right food and then the blood circulation carries the nutrients to the right parts resulting in the production of hormones?



    I think the cause is partly genetic, but I think the problem itself is a weak parasympathetic nervous system and inflammation caused by an opposing ratio of omega-6 (w6) and omega-3 (w3) fatty acids. In caveman times we would have had a ratio of 2:1 (w3:w6) but in todays western diet it is more like 1:20 (w3:w6) on average. Too much and too many w6 fatty acids in our body will cause inflamatory diseases which lead to an increased risk of cancer (particularly prostate!), heart disease, athsma, arthritis and so on. Centuries ago cancer was unheard of!

    w3 (omega-3) fatty acids promote the opposite effect – they heal instead of irritate. There are also hormone like substances in our body that are created from these fatty acids known as prostaglandins (PGE’s). PGE1 and PGE2 have 2 vital roles. PGE1 is a healer and PGE2 is an irritator/pro-inflamatory. PGE2 irritates and causes your prostate to ejaculate, but a high ratio of w3 fatty acids should suppress PGE2 and promote PGE1, which will power up your errection and cause less irritation to your prostate by supressing your production of PGE2.

    I could go on for hours about the benefits, but the problem we face is getting good sources of w3’s to get out ratio back into balance. Also note that not all w6’s are bad (there are more than 1 w6 fatty acids, and the same applies to w3’s) and some are still essential to our body, particularly GLA – a w6 fatty acid that has simular properties as w3’s.

    Many supplements are produced inncorrectly. Essential fatty acids are VERY delicate oils that are sensitive to heat, light and oxygen and there is only 1 manufacturer I know that produces these oils in a light free, oxygen free, heat free enviroment. It is all then stored in a refridgerator in a amber glass to maintain its goodness. Udo’s Choice oils are the way forward. I bought my first bottle yesterday and I am looking forward to the results so I will let you know how I get on. Taking this oil for roughly 6 months should hopefully correct my ratio of essential fats back to 2:1 (w3:w6). There are other supplements such as fish oils, flax oils, primrose etc, but most of them are manufactured in ways that decrease their goodness.

    If you want to learn more about w3’s and w6’s I could not suggest this book enough:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    That book is written by Udo Erasmus, creator of Udo’s Choice oils.



    I want to know too what supplements I need (omega 3? vit b?). Imagine if it’s permanent (Se, PE etc..). Is it possible to make permanent damage?



    ok.. so how does the body make hormones? do we eat the right food and then the blood circulation carries the nutrients to the right parts resulting in the production of hormones?

    Yes having the right diet is the most important thing and if your nervous system is working properly circulation should be optimum. I have to admit that my diet is not the best in the world but I try to keep my vitamin intake up and I do get alot of proteins through nuts and meats. I should be eating fish also which I havn’t got around too. I do take DHA and Borage Oil.

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