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    Hi all

    Eating natural foods is vital to our recovery. I’ve just been finding out how hard it is to get natural foods. For something like raw milk I actually have to travel to a farm to get it and theres only a couple of farmers that do it.

    Anyway the most accessible natural foods are fruits which everyone can get easy access to. Vegetables however seem to be processed.

    Anyway, one cant have fruits all day long and as their lunch and dinner. Can anyone suggest lunches/dinners people can have to aid recovery because I am having trouble thinking things up.

    Also if anybody wants to suggest nutritous foods that we should eat post them here.

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    I’d say some super-foods would include: blueberries, oats, broccoli, coca beans, wild salmon. maca.



    i love raw cacao and bee pollen.

    i think bee pollen alone rasies my libido quite well

    Fish oil is good.

    other than that just eat whole natural organic foods as much as possible.

    you basically eat whatever you want.

    i think its ok to eat alot of fruit but try to balance it out with some good fats like egg yolks, coconut oil, or olive oil

    i wouldnt try to force a diet, just eat what makes you happy really.

    like for breakfast i had a smoothie

    12oz raw milk

    1 banana

    4 raw eggs

    1oz raw caccao


    Lunches maybe like a Soup or Sandwich with a salad with a piece of toast or some rice

    dinner usually like some type of meat (beef, bison, chicken, or turkey) with steamed veggie like brocolli or something

    for a dessert im hooked on STonyfield frozen yogurt choc chip mint.



    I agree with Max, organic diet which also tastes good and what you like. Never torture yourself with all kind of weird diets.

    Salmon is very good for you too, like said. Unfortunately where I live wild salmon is not easily available.



    i recommend for most people on here smaller meals and like 6 a day because i believe most have adrenal fatigue

    smaller meals are easier to digest, dont make you feel full and don’t lower blood pressure which ppl on here probably have

    meals should preferably be high in protein, high in healthy fats and low to moderate amounts of carbs

    good example: 3 whole eggs with good amount of salt w/ iodine plus a handful of nuts and a small amount of cereals (1 tea/coffee cup) with milk is good

    later on a chicken breast with some brocolli and a potatoe would be a good example

    please take food with a low GI this will keep your energy higher

    avoid high sugar content

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