What test first, cortisol saliva or catecholamines

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    I have high suspects of having deficiencies in catecholamines (dopamine,norepinephrine and epinephrine) and at the moment I can ask just for one of the tests.

    Which one is more important?? I thought cortisol, but with this huge depression etc upon me it makes me think about neurotransmitters/catecholamines.

    Please answer as soon as you can.

    Thanks a lot.

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    first things first

    check am cortisol, and 4x saliva

    fix that shit and then get on to neuros



    The ideal would honestly for you to get both done. I know thats not the answer your looking for but its the truth . But ya Pimp is right that if you have a choice then get cortisol. But if you think you have it in you to somehow manipulate those fuckers into getting both tests done at the same time then go for it. im sure your problem is neuro related just like mine, and most of the people on this forum.



    I appreciate your honesty. Probably inside me I knew the answer but wanted to ask first. Catecholamines test… I ask for urine or bloodtest?

    I am in a point in which waiting more is not an option, so I will get both,cortisol and catecholamines. When I went into surgery for the testes or the appendicitis they spent more than 1000 € for God Sake, and I have been awfully ill with this for two years now. It is worth every cent.



    1. Examine why in the first place

    2. Then test cortisol and other parameters

    3. Treat the source then support the other systems if neeeded till the source is removed.

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