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    i just asked Dr.Richards about when does one know that his case is very severe. i asked him as to which hormone deficiencies would be a signal to this fact.

    He told me that its basically testosterone…

    I dont know whether he is a quack like lin or not but i just am curious to know as to what levels of testosterone are ideal for average sized men like me( 5 foot ?

    anyways i am going to get my tests done next week. will post the results in about 40 days.

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    well the normal testosterone scientifically must be within the range

    which is 280-1000 or 280-800 or what ever the lab is considered normal.

    the ideal levels according to Lin is above above 480 to have at least a good erection

    the ideal levels according to Mario is around 600-700, to have a good libido and a regular sexual function.

    I predict that yours shouldnt be below 400, lets hope it would be higher

    but as i told you if you got your levels at 285, regular doctors will say that your levels are OK.



    thanx shell….

    do you know whether that ravensfan guy got healed or not?



    Do you mean Raven frank, i think from the last time i talked to him that he is still in this mess.

    from my personal view no one is certainly healed 100% , a healed means going back into your previous state without being on steroids or drugs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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