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    Tried to have sex today….to sum it all up, it didnt work. I fuckin give up, I dont know what to do. I dont know what to do anymore. I’m fucking 17 years old, I should be horny as hell, but I’m not. I’m not horny, I cant get hard, I’m just worthless. Why….why me. I can never have sex, ever, never have, never will. I might just resort to masterbating to porn…atleast then I could get hard, ejaculate and feel good…

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    I think you have a nervous condition rather than sexual exhaustion. If you can get a stiff one to porn, but not to sex, then that proves it. Your mind is very powerfull and with the wrong frame of mind, that is what happens. Do you feel un-relaxed before sex? Do you maybe shake or judder a little? Perhaps smoke a blunt before sex, lol – beleive me, you will be well relaxed, more so than you would sat infront of your computer with a box of tissues.

    How often did you masturbate and when did you start masturbating?

    I started before I was even developed, at the age of 11 and I think that is where my problem lies. Ejaculation at that age was nothing but a small clear drop of semen. Starting that early has shunted my development so Dr. Lin says. Plus the daily masturbation up to my late/mid teens. Sometimes maybe twice a day.

    Ever since I met my girlfriend when I was 16 I noticed there was a problem when I didnt stop leaking precum everytime I was kissing etc… When we started having sex I was dissapointed at my lasting power. This is where I realised there was definatly a problem and I have been looking to improve ever since. I am now 21 and have been looking into this for 5 years.

    What other problems do you have besides your errection Raven?



    in5tigat0r Hell yeah I feel unrelaxed before I attempt to have sex. My heart is usually beating pretty fast and I have butterflies in my stomach. It’s almost like I dont want to do it…Like right now my libido is super low. I think its from abstaining from ejaculating for such a long time

    Quote:I masterbated very frequently. 1-4x a day, usually everyday. It’s like I couldnt go to sleep knowing I didnt beat it that day.

    I started pretty early, around the same age you started at.

    Quote:What did Dr. Lin say you should do? or atleast what have you been doing to heal?

    Quote:But you’ve had sex tho and are able to get an erection when around a girl right?

    Quote:I used to have instant precum, but everysince I’ve been taking those supplements(mainly the fish/borage oils i think) its gone. I dont get it anymore. My biggest problem is that I cant get an erection with a girl to have sex or do anything. I can sometimes get one, but it isnt hard and it goes limp practically immediately. I also have eye floaters, and premature ejaculation. I probably have other problems but somethings I dont know if they’re related to sexual exhaustion or not…

    I think that my body was trained to get horny to porn and for me to masterbate to it. So now when I’m not doing that, I dont get horny. It doesnt know that I’m supposed to have sex, it only knows to get off to masterbation…How do I fix this?



    maybe you should not stop masturbating, but masturbate in your own fantasy and cut out porn

    and not ejaculate too much, but also not abstain too much

    i have some hypnosis mp3s for impotence and so forth, might be helpful, gimme a shout if you’d like it, maybe it’s just mental retraining of the brain



    raven calm down, you will heal, anyone and everyone on this damn forum can and will heal in time… you just lacking the perfect nutrition.

    i suggest you do the following

    Take 1TBS of cod liver oil a day or fish oil (LIQUID ONLY)

    12 egg yolks a day, if you dont like taste mix them with orange juice

    eat at least 8oz of red meat a day (medium rare) if you can

    ejaculate 1x per week maybe 2x if you feel up to it.

    exercise as much as you can maybe strength training 3-4x a week for 45 minutes and 3x per week do at least 30 minutes of cardio (run). you can do more if you want.

    try to start Meditating or doing yoga first thing when you wake up

    dont masterabte to porn ever!



    pimp You think I’ve abstained too long? Yeah I didnt know, thats why I had that other thread. Does masterbating to anything count as porn? How often do you ejaculate/masterbate/have sex?

    Max Ok max, I can try to do that. I already exercise and stuff…I’m an athlete. Also, you say to ejaculate 1-2x a week and to never masterbate to porn. What happened to 1x ever 2 weeks? and does masterbating to anything, count as porn?



    masturbating while staying away from porn is not very stressful. it doesn’t drain your energy like sitting on a PC with your eyes staring at the screen.



    no porn and masturbation

    only without

    if you do it once every two weeks should be ok

    once every week also

    point is, do you feel tired and fucked up for days after doing this?

    yes? then broaden the time between doing it



    pimp Ok so once every week is ok to ejaculate, instead of once every 2 weeks. I think my testicular function slowed down, because I’m not turned on to sex or women period. I have super low libido. I’m thinking thats because I havent ejaculated in a long time. I dont know if thats right or not tho.



    You’re exhausted but you keep insisting on watching porn or pictures of sexy women when your body does not need it at the moment. I have been in this for over six years and I’ve not given up, I am researching more and more.

    Raven, besides taking borage and fish oil, what have you been taking?



    You’ll never recover if you give up…, and you can recover! Beleive that you can. I know it may not seem so, but you can!

    Since you tried to have sex and it didn’t work for you but you can with porn it seems it is mostly psychological as was mentioned earlier. I have tried hypnosis for this condition before and it does make noticeable differences. I don’t think it is a stand alone cure all for exhaustion, but for nervousness it does have a very postive effect even in the short term, and you can notice results with it. Give it a try.

    As far as recovery from exhaustion…the first thing that popped into my head when I was reading your and David’s situation (and everyone else who masterbates 1 to 2 times a week but still not recovering)…STOP JERKING OFF!!! I hate to sound blunt or rude about it to everyone here, but seriously, you guys have to stop doing what got you into this condition in the first place…even if it’s a milder version of what you were doing before. Anyways, so that is good Ravensfan2k3 that you were able to stop masterbating for 2+ months, once every one to two months is good, try to just keep doing that until you start feeling recovered.

    Instead of giving up on recovering…I gave up on jerking off all the time, and I’ve gone months at a time between masterbating and you know what…I think that is also essential! I’ve already spelled out the other things I took in my other posts (foods and supplements), and I stand by them, those things I mentioned are working for me, and I don’t feel “exhausted” anymore. I feel so much better. Listen to what your body is telling you, if you don’t feel “horny” (without looking at porn) then don’t jerk off! (also don’t watch porn either, or at least very little). I think after you stop doing these things only then will you have any hope of recovering. It took me months of almost being completely celibate, plus all the other things I did before I finally felt better. Sure, there were times I thought by not ejaculating that I was hurting myself and I felt less horny, but still I kept myself from masterbating and the weird feelings and low libido eventually passed.

    Overcoming this “disease” isn’t easy, it takes discipline, and stopping alot of things you have been accustomed to doing, but damn it is worth it….this is of course just my own experience, but it worked for me, and I thought I was hopeless.

    By the way, since you asked in another thread…Horny Goat Weed increases the hardness of erections, stimulates the nerves in the genitals, decreases cortisol (stress hormones), and increases testosterone a little (I’ve tried Duramax and Paradise Herbs Rhino). I don’t know if it will help before sex, but over a period of time it can help strengthen erections.

    Anyways, just hang in there and don’t give up!

    (Pimp, can I ask who made the hypnosis mp3? I used to use some tracks from [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] which I have noticed very good results from.)




    Then its definatly a nervous condition. You seem on my level and im not seriously sexually exhausted. Infact precum for you isnt a problem anymore and it is for me! …I have been where you have been. When I first had sex with my girlfriend I was dissapointed at my premature ejaculation. I lasted about 4 or 5 minutes. I kept telling myself I couldnt satisfy her, so when it came down to sex I would start shaking, heart beating and have the most lame erection. After a while I improved because she re-assured me all the time.

    Also, another time she was going to pierce my dick for me. Usually when she gets anywhere near my dick its straight up like a rocket (maybe not as hard, lol). This time however it wouldnt even get slightly errect – because I was nervous!! So much so it actually shrank beyond embarassment. So like I said before – the mind is very powerfull and I beleive with you that your problem lies in your frame of mind when it comes to sex.


    He tried offering me his products. Did I buy them? Yes. Did they work? …No, lol. Maybe I didnt take enough for long enough.


    Yes, I can. If you can get an errection to porn, then you can around another girl. You need to sort your head out and relax. You need to get to know a girl and really trust her. I was fortunate in my relationship because we were both virgins and we infact both have problems and trust each other. This releives pressure.


    I will ignore that, because I beleive you can have sex. Remember, you have held back for 2.5 months – I think its time to ejaculate and see the results. Personally I dont think porn is bad – your eyes are just as stimulated by images when you bang a bird, get a handjob, blowjob or staring at her tits! I think you need to use porn in moderation, just dont allow yourself to get hooked. Too much of ANYTHING is bad!

    Also, remember you are only 17, therefore have more healing power than nearly all of us here. Your abstraining has probably done good, especially taking supplements at the same time.



    You are doing well, you are still very young. Take it easy and relax. Try to find good basics that works and makes you feel good. You are very lucky to have that level of awareness of your body and health in your age. Try to achieve balance in both mind and body avoiding complex negative emotional states ( especially hate and anger ). If you try meditating, bring back a happy memory of your life feeling full of love and absorb the energy.

    Remember that if something makes you feel bad ( be it food, supplements, anything ) stop eating / doing it. Foods should taste good too, and leave you happy afterwards. Seemingly healthy foods, substances or methods that tastes terribly or feels disgusting or wrong, are not going to do any good. Its like forcing a child to eat “healthy” foods, even he cries out loudly. Simply follow the nature and its needs.

    Over-masturbating / over-ejaculating will drain ones energy so going to over-do it again is only a temporary solution. Only general guidelines can be drawn about right sexual frequency, since every one has his/her own correct cycle and health situation. Someone can go many months without ill-effect, and some have to have sex once a week. Having not high libido is not necessarily bad, I don’t think most men have very strong libido all the time. Its the porn watching that has turn the urgency so high in most men. When they finally stop watching porn, they are like old mules feeling no life-force within. Deer exercise will help in sexual conservation, as its circulates the energy upwards so it will not flow out of the body or cause stagnations or emotional problems ( info is found in lifestyle forum part ).

    So why is the over-masturbation / over-ejaculation or porn watching bad if sexuality is part of the nature of humans. Following the nature will not get anyone in trouble for sure. The reason is, that eventually we grow doing these natural things too much, and porn watching will no longer have much ( if anything ) to do with true sexual energy. Good example of the effects of natural sexual energy is the boxing fighters ( who usually practice long ejaculation frequency ). When Mike Tyson was in his twenties, you can sense his atomic sexual-energy in the ring, thats the true personal power. We can bring this atomic energy in our consciousness control.

    Lots of energy means lots of personal power = charisma. People use that in their benefits in all aspect of their lives. Be it a news anchor or a movie star, the higher their energy, the more people are drawn in to them. Once this energy is lost, they seem to vanish somewhere. Its very hard to enjoy life without energy so conserving its the most important thing.

    Often when people lose their natural energies, they start to compensate their weakness with money, pillers, drugs, alcohol etc. but of course, that will not help them feeling better, happier or more powerful at all. That kind of person will finally begin to show hate and cruelty towards others ( I have experienced hate for women when dealing with exhaustion ). People with strong energy tend to be kind and helpful.



    i dont think going once every 1-2 months is good, even dr.lin mentions that once ever week is fine, plus if you read on actionlove.com thers alot of cases where a person slowed down ejaculating, one person only did it 4x a year, and he was still in the same condition.

    plus it makes sense why would ejaculating once every week exhaust you even more or prevent recoverey. every week is good it keeps sperm production strong, Testosterone flowing, your designed to ejaculate, holding back i dont think is the way togo anymore, but if you really dont want to ejaculate then dont.

    The key is Nourshing your body with the right NUTRIENTS/MINERALS!!

    the people that recovered/almost recovered like myself found replaced the lost nutrients.



    Well, I just don’t think it is good to masterbate unless you “feel” like doing it, and especially without the aid of porn. When I had low libido, all I had to do was watch porn and suddenly I wanted to ejaculate really badly. Had I not watched it, I wouldn’t have done it. I guess the main thing is to listen to your body, if you feel bad or a worsening of symptoms after ejaculating or just aren’t recovering, you should consider cutting it back. Maybe One to two months is not neccessary for some who are recovering ( I can ejaculate multiple times now without ill effect), but I still think everyone needs to figure out this for themselves by listening to what their body is telling them just as yinyangparantaja said, and also don’t be afraid to hold back a long time if you think it’s neccessary. Tongkat Ali, Mucuna Pruriens, (Testicle Glandular?), Arginine and Zinc I think all help with testosterone, dopamine, sperm production, and testicular function. If you start wanting to ejaculate once in awhile, then fine go ahead, but still be careful. Max, I think you are right though that nutrients/minerals are also very important to this.



    i think it depends on the person. i stopped it for more than 3 months and I can ejaculate 2-3 times per day and will feel very good. But i think like Jobe27 you should not force yourself to do it.

    as far as a healthy diet your body needs:

    1- essential amino acids,

    2-essential fatty acids,

    3-trace minerals,

    4-oil based vitamins,

    5-water based vitamins,

    6-soluable fiber

    7-insoluable fiber.

    THATs all that it needs. That’s ALL that science supports without controversy. the rest you can add to feel happy.



    One thing not mentioned yet is that the vagina has a magnetic field that will cause you to go fight or flight even if you are able to have some erection during masturbation. Your system is not strong yet to handle a vagina. Also take into account that you will be more excited with the real thing before you and this triggers fight or flight.



    so more sex (practice) the better you’ll become… i think



    Well I ejaculated yesterday(friday)…I masterbated without porn for the most part. Couldnt always keep an erection and it was just getting tedious. When I ejaculated, it was alot(obviously) and it actually hurt. Not when it came out, but alittle afterwards. I didnt feel tired or anything afterwards, I felt normal. I dont know if I should have done it and just waited since I said I wouldnt masterbate anymore, and only during sex…but since everyone is saying to ejaculate 1x a week I think holding it in would hurt me more.

    Jobe I’m confused …you tell me not to ejaculate, but everyone else is telling me its ok. I didnt always have a loss of interest in sex and a low libido. It was high, then got higher as I didnt masterbate. About a month and a half into abstaining, I just lost it. I dont get horny when around girls, even if I’m about to have sex, and I just lost my interest in sex or masterbating and in turn my penis doesnt get hard. I figured it was because my testicular function slowed down, and I figured if I ejaculated it would speed it back up to normal. So jobe, I should just not masterbate anymore? Was it wrong of me have masterbated on friday? Should I have just kept abstaining?

    Another reason why I believe my testicular function slowed down and thats why my libidio is low is because I’ve never had spontaneous erections or woke up with erections, then about a monthin a half into my abstainence, I wope up with strong erections for a week straight. I dont know if that was my key to ejaculate, but I didnt. After that week, I didnt get any more morning erections. Whats up with that?



    if i were id stop masterbating and have sex as much as possible and only ejaculate once ever 2 weeks.

    jobe’s right, listen to your body only ejaculate if you feel like it.

    hows your semen look? if its really thin, clear, and watery your sperm production slowed down, your semen should be somewhat thick and good white color.



    Max But now I never feel like it! I dont even know if porn can do it, I know it will, but I dont wanna find out because I’m trying to avoid porn. I should ejaculate once or twice a week?

    My semen was…hmm I dont remember, it was kinda loose(thin), it wasnt clear but it wasnt pure white either. I mean it was alot, it was everywhere lol.

    I dont know, I think abstaining messes with your libido somehow. Back when I was masterbating to porn like everyday my libido was high. I would constantly want to masterbate. When I tried to have sex, and I couldnt get an erection thats when I came here because I thought I had a problem. Ever since I’ve been abstaining, I lost the desire for sexual activity. Maybe they have something to do with each other…What do you guys think?

    Machine I thought the vagina has healing effects…

    Oh and besides fish/borage oil I take panax ginseng, american ginseng, siberian ginseng, and gingko biloba w/gotu kola. I’ve taken horny goat weed and L-Arginine before tho.



    Did I said it doesn’t have healing effects? It does but it also has a magnetic field. You got to take it easy man, some of us had it much worse than you do. You should start taking the classical muti-vitamin, a choline donor, 5-HTP and L-tyrosine along with the fish and borage oil. From the list of supplements you’ve taken, you haven’t tried much yet.



    with reactions as fast as your youd make a brillaint jet fighter piolet!

    fucking ell


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