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    Im generally a stressed person, my mood is down and dont have that spark to make me excited. Im currently on leave from work (2 weeks now) but i still feel the same as if i was working. I was thinking my work was the cause of my stress/mood

    I will cut straight to it, it was day before new year eve, im feeling great, my mood is good and im excited about entertaining and having people over and socialising for new years party. This is RARE

    I was building my new bbq and usually would get stressed and my neck and head would have pain. Not tonight.

    This is very rare for me, as im usually always stressed and bad mood.

    So that night I decide to have sex with my girlfriend, I experienced the need to PE but i held back and changed positions etc. My erection was firm and I was confident about ejaculating. So I did, Well the next day I feel so shit, My neck and head and even face (sinus area) feels tight, I have excess phlem, sneezing itchy throat and my mood is gone. I now am not looking forward to entertaining anymore.

    Im not masturbating, and having sex about once a week. have tried abstaining for weeks but no real change

    I’m 27, My diet is pretty good, no sugers, I have grains, protein, greens. I take B and C vitamins, 5htp, gaba, glutamine before bed.

    I dont think im like other cases on this forum where I excessively masturbated . I have ot masturbated or looked at porn for over 1 year. Its only sex I have.

    My brother died when I was 10 I can remember this was very bad time in my life, and when at high school and through teens I can remember being easily stressed. This has continued I guess and im very easily stressed person now

    What the hell is going on with me?

    How can I heal?

    Is there anything to prevent this crash the next day when I do want to have sex?


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    sounds lime POIS to me. (POST ORGASMIC ILLNESS SYNDROME). read up about. has to do with neurotransmitters…specifically low dopamine i believe.



    i believe stress will burn through dopamine.



    also did this just happen once? or does it happen after everytime you have sex?



    try reducing your grains; at least gluten

    include more fat like coconut, olive oil, fish, meat, egg yolks, etc; look for organic and grass fed sources only.



    It may even be low testosterone. If you are a worrier and you have had a lot of stress then it has likely effected your testosterone production. Stress robs testosterone of its precursor DHEA so less is made available. If like gurjas says it is low dopamine then this also will effect testosterone levels. You should get yourself checked, which should be free on your health service.



    This is not a once off, its a regular thing. For as long as i can remember I always thinking things in my head, especially if I’m alone, I will constantly run things through my mind.

    I have no problems getting a erection when I engage in sex, I just dont have any libido. Thought of sex and engaging in it used to make me so aroused. I used to be very horny now ive got nothing.

    I will try the fats/oils




    Poor libido is usually related to low Testosterone and/or low Dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for excitement and is described as an “excitory neurotransmitter”.

    Fats and oils will help alot. Omega-3’s increase the production of Dopamine. Maybe you should try a high dose of L-Tyrosine and L-Phenylalanine. Both are the building blocks needed for Dopamine and a good vitamin B complex will help with the enzyme activity conversions.



    Low thryroid

    Adrenal Fatigue



    these are also factors that affect your libido.

    Gets some blood tests, and try to release your stress via physical work: Walking,weight lifting, swimming…etc

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