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    I’m new to this forum and situation. I’ve got the sexual exhaustion problem for half a year now which eventually contributed to my falling into heavy depression recently. I was prescribed some anti-depression drugs, which eventually lead to a vast improvement of my PE condition. The other sexual exhaustion symptoms (lots of precum that leads to limp erection and general neural fatigue) remained though. After a while I visited another psychiatrist, that is considered one of the best doctors in my city, and he strongly insisted on not taking anti-depression drugs ever, especially now that I’m still young (23)… He wouldn’t tell me why though. He just told me it was for my own good. My depression still gets worst and makes it even harder to recover from the sexual exhaustion. Does anyone know why he insists on that? Is there a chance that after an anti-depression drug treatment you would find it difficult to feel happy again, or get into depression easily, or receive some brain damage, or what? I hope someone has a reasonable explanation…

    In addition I would like to know if it’s better to buy some dr lin products for my sexual exhaustion recovery, since my case is not so severe (only lots of precum that leads to a somewhat limper erection, brain and body fatigue and PE). What do you suggest? I’ve read some other topics here about nutrition and recovery but cannot come to a conclusion yet…

    Thanks in advance!

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    your case is not so severe so thats good news to hear. anti-depressants come with a barrage of side-effects that last indefinitely after you stop taking them. unless your contemplating suicide i don’t recommend them. Dr lin’s suppplements are kinda a hit-and-miss really. i’ve never tried them myself but it seems kinda 50/50 according to some other members.



    is 5-HTP considered an anti-depressant?



    Thanks for your advice . The problem is I find it so difficult to get rid of my negative thoughts… I’m into depression for nearly 2 months now… I managed to avoid contemplating suicide though… I would be grateful if you or someone relative to this subject could be more specific about the side-effects (even in a biological level, using medical terms). Is there any anti-depression drug that is nearly harmful?

    Last, I ‘ve read about eating much raw egg yolks, raw milk, fish and borage oil for recovery from my sexual exhaustion. Isn’t eating something raw dangerous for our health? I mean for germs and diseases. And eating much raw egg yolks wouldn’t launch your cholesterol levels to the sky? I just want to know these things before starting this kind of diet.

    Thanks again!



    there is generally an assumption that if you eat too much egg or raw egg yolks for that matter your cholestrol levels will shoot throught the sky. this is 100% false. the fat in the egg yolk is a multi-vitamin by itself and contains a lot of healthy stuff. secondly don’t forget that the fat in the egg yolks is unsaturated and that is healthy for you. a lot of people blame fats for increased cholestrol levels in the body but it is the carbs that do all the damage. Basically when you cook the whites and yolks together, the iron in the egg whites, being an oxidizing agent, form oxidative cholestrol and that is what the body picks up. I will try and get the article from Dr mercola which stresses on this point. my computer is kinda messed up at the moment.



    It seems so… It is a good question whether it’s worth the risk to take an anti-depressant drug for sexual recovery.What it is? Anti depressants arent bad, its the side effects that make them bad right? The thing about 5-HTP is that it doesnt have the side effects, meaning it wont hurt anyone sexually(libido, sexual desire, etc…) or any other way…Right?



    5-htp is alright. with anti-depressants, some will give worse side effects than others.




    yep i can atest to L-tryptophan being really effective and l-theanine being not very effective. but if you’re looking for better sleep taurine beats all of them. just my personal experience.



    As long as 5-HTP or L-Tryptophan dont have any side effects



    As long as 5-HTP or L-Tryptophan dont have any side effects

    L-Trytophan has crap solubility and is better taken on an empty stomach otherwise other amino acids will compete with it and it will never reach the bbb. More is not better with this amino acid. the lower doses work more effectively.

    ”In the case of tryptophan supplements, more is not always better. In the many human clinical studies using tryptophan to treat depression, published since the 1970’s, studies using moderate tryptophan doses (1g to 3g daily) have frequently shown better results than high doses (6 to 9g daily). This is due to a liver enzyme called “tryptophan pyrrolase” (TP). Tryptophan pyrrolase is a key enzyme in the normal liver tryptophan breakdown pathways. Tryptophan pyrrolase is known to be activated by at least two factors.

    The first is the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol, produced by the adrenal glands, is the “state of siege” stress hormone. It is released in response to unremitting chronic stress, which we can neither fight against, nor flee from. Cortisol is known to be frequently elevated in the very conditions, such as, depression, insomnia and obesity for which tryptophan/ serotonin might be helpful.

    Thus, taking tryptophan while under elevated cortisol-stress conditions might supply little extra to the brain, because of cortisol’s activation of Tryptophan pyrrolase.

    The other factor known to elevate liver Tryptophan pyrrolase activity is increased intake of tryptophan! Since the Tryptophan pyrrolase using kynurenine pathway is the major tryptophan degradation pathway, significantly elevated tryptophan intake automatically induces higher Tryptophan pyrrolase activity. Again, if liver Tryptophan pyrrolase activity seriously increases, more supplemental tryptophan will not necessarily translate into increased brain serotonin.

    Thus, the lowest tryptophan dose that successfully alleviates serotonin-deficiency symptoms is the most efficacious.”




    Depression is almost always linked through poor diet.

    i suggest you start taking COD LIVER OIL or better yet Krill OIL

    buy organic eggs and start mixing it with juice.

    The cholesterol thing with eggs is a myth. i have been eating 8-12 eggs for well over a year now. i recently started eating the entire egg raw. I have never gotten sick from eating eggs and my cholesterol is actually better now than it was 2 years ago before i was eating any eggs.

    not only for SE but for overall health eggs and cod liver oil are one of the worlds healthiest foods.

    but as they mentioned 5-htp is good along with St. Johns wort.

    Since your problem isnt that bad, i think the cod liver oil, raw egg yolks and maybe a good mutli-vitamin will do you just good,

    although i still have some healing, one thing that is completely cured is my pre-cum.

    the cure to PE is a hard erection. and getting a hard erecion you need good choline levels, which can easily be gotten from eggs yolks or choline supplement.



    Your psychiatrist knows what he’s talking about, the anti-depressant will do you a lot more harm then any good. This includes impotence and loss of libido.

    The anti-depressant helped with your PE because it temporily prevented excessive adrenaline conversion from dopamine via preventing the reuptake of serotonin. W’s regiment is probably good for your case. Take a multi-vitamin, l-tyrosine, choline and especially 5-HTP. Discard the anti-depressants. Also add borage and fish oil. I agree with other forum members about looking into your diet.

    Later people, will be back in March-April.



    Thanks for your advice guys.

    I’ll start taking these supplements ASAP.

    One other thing worth mentioning, is that after a 2 week relaxation, abstaining from masturbation and good nurishment during the summer my SE condition nearly got away… I didn’t know about SE then and I just couldn’t understand what was happening. The symptoms reappeared after a while though, due to porn masturbation… But that’s good news, because it’s possible to recover without any supplements at all. The supplements will just help for a speedier recovery I guess. Also, taking cialis later as my doctor suggested, for about a week, really enhanced my sexual strength but I didn’t continue this treatment due to a massive increase of my anxiety levels and troubled sleep (side-effects probably). If someone can tolerate this drug’s side effects , I believe it would be a very efficient kind of treatment…

    One last question is whether raw milk is helpful enough… Is there a risk of getting a disease or parasites from it?



    I noticed onhere with 2 people that reported progres that both had tried ed “drugs” one cialis and the other one a sildenafil type.

    Seems like it could be like a kickstart that some need.

    Definately chuck the anti depressants in the bin, try the braverman assesment and supplement where you are deficient.



    St John’s Wort :

    => St John wort, beacause it’s the only which work on 4 neurotransmitters (Dopamine, GABA, serotonin and noradrenaline)

    [ Anyway amineptine seems to be too powerful .

    Amineptine is the best anti-depressant to work on dopamine but prohibited .]



    I noticed onhere with 2 people that reported progres that both had tried ed “drugs” one cialis and the other one a sildenafil type.

    Seems like it could be like a kickstart that some need.

    Definately chuck the anti depressants in the bin, try the braverman assesment and supplement where you are deficient.

    yeah one of those is me

    after not getting it up i tried it and it worked, then after that it didn’t but now it did work again yesterday after i took some libidus

    might be a confidence boost you need



    For what it’s worth, when my urologist prescribed Cialis for me last year, one thing he said was that in cases of ED with younger men, he noticed that the Cialis seemed to get them over the hump and after a while, they didn’t need it anymore.

    There are conflicting reports about ED drugs and the treatment of sexual exhaustion, but if what he was saying is true, it might be worth investigating. I would see no reason for him to lie and I think it’s encouraging that he mentioned younger guys with ED, because let’s be honest, most younger men with sexual dysfunctions are most likely suffering from sexual exhaustion.

    I’ve taken Cialis and it certainly does produce an erection but I’ve never tried taking it on a daily basis to see if that would be beneficial over the long-haul.

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