whats the longest someone has abstained

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    Whats the longest people have abstained on this forum?

    WHat benefits and results did you get while doing it?

    were you taking supplements while abstaining?

    please let me know

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    I know abstained for 11 months and exercised regularly. He seemed to have recovered.

    He doesn’t come on here anymore, last he posted was on Apr 01, 2008.

    Funny since he has the second most posts on this forum just after Max, even after 2 years of no activity.



    Nicolas is the guy that has abstained the longest. He is well past the 1 year mark now. It is no ordinary feat. But apart from celibacy he also does lot of yoga and has perfected his breathing.



    any news on how is progressing in the sexual exhaustion department? are his symptoms diminishing? i know for a fact i could abstain as long as it fucking took i broke my addiction to masterbation easily the only problem iv had is sayin no to my ex but thats over now so i really plan on doing a very long term abstinence. and iv noticed that about blue shark to he abstained for even longer i thought i read it was 15 months and hasnt been back here. what do u think that means hes bascailly healed. HCpornaddict if you can find out how that guy is doing that would be great



    I know for sure that Nicolas holds the record as far as celibacy goes. Blueshark is second.

    In his posts Nicolas mentioned that he now has incredible energy. He also mentioned that seeing porn no longer makes him want to ejaculate.



    most ppl just gave up and live with it.



    …or they healed and see no reason to hang around anymore on a depressing forum.



    If I am healed, the first thing I do is to let others know about how I do it.

    If I am healed and I am greedy, the first thing I do is to let people know about it and charge them a hefty fee to help them recover. I will patent the method and become a billionaire in no time.

    In either of these cases, this forum will be a great outlet for me.

    Stop wishful thinking people. Wake up and accept the truth. Fix your body first and get to work to find out how to fix your sex organ. Or take no action and accept a sexless life.

    We all have one life to live. No more.




    If the way is something other from taking a magic formula of pills, people will not care

    And really you cannot predict future and how you will react once you heal… and it won’t happen overnight, like, “now I’m healed!”. It’s day by day. First you lose depression, then seminal leakage, then PE, then skin conditions, etc.. You always find more work and you can always build more health.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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