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    I think it would be a good idea if we found out how sexual exhaustion effected the size we have now.

    Mine currently is:

    Bone pressed length: 6.5″

    Girth: 4.25-4.75″

    My girth varies because I developed peyronies diseases, and my right side of the penis has totally caved into itself .

    Also I never was that long, I think I was more 5.5-6″, shame I never took measurements. I think ballooning years ago may have caused some growth.

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    Mine its around 6 inches. It isnt long but its pretty thick and doesnt look pathetic when I have enough bloodlow (I have this maybe once a month? lol)

    I dont know how it was when I was healthy but I am sure without the penis exercises I did my penis would be probably 7 inches and thicker, not to mention sensibility. Plus with all my hormonal problems im pretty sure my actual cock its just a shadow of what it would be in a healthy body.

    Dude, for peyronies and penis health get on Pentoxyfilline and Ubiquinol, Astaxanthin, Arginine, Pygnogenol… Keep an eye in my progress cuz I am developing peyronies and I will be getting Pentox very soon.



    Is that bone pressed? Make sure everyone does bone pressed measurements pleased. I found out the average was always measured bone press.

    I remember I was thinking I was always 5.5″ length, and then I bone pressed and I was actually 6″.

    Yeah I got pentox a few days ago, I also have coq10, citrulline (instead of arginine), Pygnogenol, PABA, alcar, viagra, cialis, and a shit load of supplements and drugs.

    Don’t know what Astaxanthin is, I’ll look it up now.

    I haved peyronies 3 times.

    Which was ultimately caused by anabolic steroids.

    But what I’ve learn that helped the most, is first time was Dr Lin’s VIP Cream, and Tamoxifen I was taking because I was on a PCT (recover from steroid cycle), and this may have contributed.

    The second time I took a lot of supplements, but some reason I concluded it to the coq10 supplement being the most effective.

    So I’ve ordered 6 VIP creams with 20% discount from Dr Lin. Probably his most valuable product in my opinion, which should last me around 4-6 months. It’s hard to go through just 1 tub a month.

    And a high dose supply of PABA and Coq10 from iherb. I can take 300mg of coq10 twice a day, and 6 caps of PABA.

    One thing I forget, is one day we won’t have these privileges to order supplements, as we know ultimately they’ll get banned by the corrupt governments. So really I want to heal myself in the next year 80%, and get a job so I can stock up.




    Your awakening have happened fast man.

    Yeah a job… we need one…

    We should man up and start the party. Im serious about that and I dont fear saying it. They are killing us since millenia. A global change of mind could work out but at the end I think it is needed a violent response. Even while that its food for Archons, but this Earth needs it. If we wanna stay in the prison planet at least we should make conditions a little more acceptable.

    On the other hand, im curious of what its outside. Heaven if you will. Other forms of life, less vile. I know (I feel) that my soul its semi-inmortal so I dont fear death that much. Its just a trip, or a pause between dreams. we deserve a more pleasant form of dream.




    You are one lucky bastard.

    I think I will use only Pentox and maybe Ubiquinol. Those two are the most effective people say. If I get more money, moar. But im battling my leaky gut/autoimmune as well -__- and ultimately my peyronies comes from leaky gut and the penis exercises. Its an inflammatory loop. Its all inflammation, SE its inflammation too in a lot fo cases.

    I am taking a crappy coq10 I have at home 300 mgs per day. It seems pain its much better but could be anything. I dont think my autistic body converts it to Ubiquinol correctly.

    The VIP cream makes sense. I personally feel like something applied topically makes sense in a penis problem.



    yeah when recovering the second time, I didn’t use VIP cream much, and don’t think recovery was as good.

    I’m going to try 600mg of coq10 a day, split in two, didn’t go with Ubiquinol because it’s more expensive, and I read on longecity.org the claims that it’s more effective are unfounded.

    For leaky gut I’m sure high doses of glutamine was proven to cure it, like 60 grams a day or something. I remember reading a medical article ages ago. Glutamine pretty damn cheap too., or £17 for 1kg.

    So if you took 50g a day, it would last you 20 days? Cheap for mega doses, obviously will last you 200 days if you just decide to take a teaspoon (5g).



    In fact I might have leaky guy because I always suffer from constipation/digestive problems. Recently I haven’t been, but I remember taking 2 table spoons of glutamine before bed to help increase gaba in the brain a couple of months ago. I might start taking glutamine before bed again, maybe 4 tablespoons, see if that helps with anything.

    Here’s some studies I’ve quickly found using google:




    Im taking around 10 grams of micronized glutamine per day, usually before bedtime, since three weeks. No change in anything except maybe energy and mental acuity. Its not cheap, the micronized one. They say you need larger doses as you stated…

    To the contrary, NOW super ezymes which I have just taken this night for first time greatly helps digestion and constipation. Take a look, but be warned that this is pretty revolting: http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=2004534#i



    I have read that and probably 25 pages of Google results regarding leaky gut. Its the very cause of my SE, in my opinion and not only that but also the cause of many autoimmune diseases, autism, and CFS. Its a major factor if not one of the main causes in all of those.

    When I say “leaky gut” im actually including candidiasis, parasitic infection and dysbiotic bacteria in the condition. So sadly it isnt as easy as taking glutamine but its an important part for rebuilding the intestinal lining.

    Not to mention heavy metal intoxication and chronic infections like Lyme. Both are designed and spread purposely among the population. Mycoplasma have been designed in lab, certain strains that are wreaking havoc… Oh AIDS… yeah that one was definetely man made.



    lol didn’t expect to see that in the link.

    Yeah I started taking NOW super enzymes roughly the time I stopped glutamine. Come to think about it, I think the NOW super enzymes are causing me to have better digestion than I used to, I’m never constipated now, mainly when I have to go, it will come out fast and quickly, so I better be near a toilet, and it might need a scrub after it. Do kind of like diarrhea, but I do take a lot of things.

    Things that constipate me are:

    5g of Creatine (I can take half a teaspoon 2.5g)


    Things that cause diarrhea:


    Panthoenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

    I’ll list more if I can think about it. But yeah my digestion is much better with enzymes, I remember I was really struggling 2 months or so ago.

    Also I’m going to try and get to 6% bf with plenty of muscle. I don’t know what it is, but I just think by having the least amount of bf% on me, my body will just work more efficiently. I’m about 23% now.



    Muffslayer, man, I need your expertise on penis problems.

    This is what happens. I have 40 dollars. I can get some more, say 30 from my parents. My main problem its a sharp, nerve-like, cold-feeling, pain in my penis that this night its like 50% gone. It appeared first time say 5 months ago, and since then every month I have a week or less of penis pain. The last flare up lasted a week aprox and stopped 20 days before this current flare up, which seems to be lessening. Sometimes I really wonder if these pains arent some form of food allergy induced CPPS. I have noticed how eating avocados triggers penis pain rather quickly in the past. The problems in the physiology of my penis are obvious to the sight. I have varicose or enlarged veins that I never had before the PE exercises in the sides and red/purple spider veins in the shaft and I have 4 strange lumps that are like “ribs” in my penis. I fear these can be scar tissue. There are two, the biggest ones in the right side and two lesser in the left side.

    I did the exercises two years ago, maybe a little more. The veins appeared one day all of a sudden while doing them. My ED started back then too but it seems my unit its regaining some functionality lately thanks to all my efforts and abstaining WHILE provoking healthy spontaneous erections. The veins are bulged and noticeable in flaccid state as well.

    I need to ask you a favour and its that I am going to post some pictures of my penis and I need you to watch them and tell me what should I do. And if you think im developing Peyronies or what… What you think I have and what you would do in my case. I know you dont love watching dicks but I am desperate and I really need some insight.

    I have an appointement with a peyronies specialist in five weeks or so but obviously I dont wanna wait with this pain etc.

    I need to decide what are my priorities. If my problem isnt strictly peyronies related I would want to try the VIP cream, for the veins, hard flaccid etc, with pentox, which greatly assists circulation it seems. But if I have peyroies I would use the money with Ubiquinol better dont you think? And maybe buying also Pentox if these damn doctors refuse to hear me (I failed with the first one today lol she said bigger veins mean more bloodflow what a waste) I know of one person on the Peyronies forum that its controlling a severe case only with Ubiquinol, 300 mgs per day, he even had dephormities at some point.


    Hmmm imageshack took them down… anyone knows of a file hoster that doesnt removes penis pictures?



    Well, even though its prohibited in the forum rules

    but try not to mention p*nis , c*ck to not drag attention


    as for my size, its similar to your sizes..its at 5.8′

    the girth isnt clear due to different blood pumping




    Everything points to CPPS, an like case, EXCEPT the ribs/lumps… thats what I want to address…



    Guys stop playing with it! Who the hell cares how big it is? You got into this mess by playing with it in the first place. Just try to get your health back on track and stop measuring or looking to see if it can erect. If your health is good, then it probably is too. If your health is bad, then fix it.

    Moral of the story:

    Playing with it got you into the mess. Stop touching yourself and concentrate on a healthier better you.



    I’m suffering from peyronie’s at the moment, and don’t know whether I’ll be able to recover my girth back. At the moment I’m addicted to porn and masturbation again, when once I had it beat for so long. But yes those bumps do look like you’re developing it.

    TBH I’ve taking loads of supplements over the past months, but I think VIP cream worked the best years ago. I remember when my dick got all veiny, then I started VIP cream, and eventually over time the veins disappeared. But my penis was always weak on the right side, it never did recover 100%, only 80%-90%. However I was also taking tamoxifen at the time because I wanted to recover from the steroids, which I find out later tamoxifen is used to reduce scars in peyronie’s disease.

    But if you had to ask me, topical ointment is so much better than oral. VIP cream does work. I think Dr Lin said he even used it to disolve scar tissue on his hand, so if you had extra, you could always test it on a scar on your body. I have one on my knee, but I’m not going to waste the stuff on that.

    BTW mine hasn’t come yet from America (I’m UK).



    Also you could always try and ask him for 20% discount.

    BTW do you know why you might be developing peyronie’s? I know mine is to going back on steroids on low doses, just to see if I can get away with it.



    Muffslayer I’m concerned my porn addiction is a result of high dopamine levels and having 0 serotonine.Google high dopamine level symptoms.

    These neurotransmitters need to be in balance.If one is high the other will be low and cause ocd type behaviour,long term Alzheimer’s,Parkinson’s,heart damage etc.



    My peyronies have taken a long ass time to develop but finally its a relief to know what I have man. I have self diagnosed myself and this is the diagnosis: Leaky Gut Syndrome and Peyronies disease. The LGS includes and means more diseases that I have or would develop with time if left untreated. The Peyronies, of which HARD FLACCID its a symptom (although it seems I have some degree of CPPS too because when I go to pee the penis its much biogger and softer and just feels much better), the Peyronies, I developed it from PENIS ENLARGEMENT EXERCISES, WHICH ARE PROBABLY IN THE TOP LIST OF VERY STUPID AND DANGEROUS THINGS TO DO, INCLUDING DRINKING URINE OR DOING A PACT WITH SATAN.

    I just wonder WHY the flare ups, why NOW. The trauma was endured more than two years ago, which its when hard flaccid appeared. Soreness appeared right away, but pain has taken all that time… strange.

    Yeah this is what im gonna do. Ubiquinol, Pentox and VIP cream. Its screwed but I need to address Peyronie´s at the same time than LGS. Both are killing me.

    People bash LIN but the truth its I havent yet proved an aphrodisiac as powerful as his Viapal. That shit makes almost impossible to not masturbate. I will use it when I am cured with girls heheh I am reading his page again, with a more open mindset. There is good info there, and those “cured” guys are obviously real.




    You are an spiritual, and awakening person, so the path to repulsion or reflexion will be easier. Check my thread on the recovery stories regarding porn addiction and how I beated it, I feel like for the rest of my life. I havent watched porn videos in almost a year. If I want to provoke an erection I watch some youtube video. I saw the eyes of the last porn actress SHAPESHIFT to demon form. Yeah what a lunatic right. But there is a lot of research. I suggest you read the whole thread and explore the links I posted in it. It wont sound as much as lunacy as at the beginning. Now im SCARED to watch porn, not only that but it disgusts me, as I know im probably watching a woman being abused, nothing less nothing more. My method its very personal because being Asperger´s im more intellectual than emotional and rationalizing WHY I shouldnt watch porn eventually convinced myself.



    Yeah I think my porn addiction has been aggravated recently because of the Cabergoline/dostinex I’ve been having once a week to see if I can restore orgasm, this drug lowers prolactin by raising a dopamine site.



    the possibilities are many, maybe it wasnt fully healed and you hurt your self again involunetary.

    or maybe you are suffering from a deep inflammatory response , from food or from poor sleep, high stress.

    Maybe you need to try the baloke ring?! or the ROP or any magnetic hand wrist around your p*nis and balls to improve blood flow, i used the copperic hand wrist in some periods and i found a good reaction in terms of low pain in testicles back when i had a severe prostate

    Dr.Lin from my own prewiew has many correct ideas and many valuable theories.

    i used on 2011 to spend 2-3 hours to re-read what i have passed thru in 2009 and 2010, where i found that the most interesting answers was the old cases…he used to answer them in details with his interesting theory about the bio-electrical energy in our bodies.

    people reaction are always emotional, no one can heal with a 60 pill unless he was a very light case.

    its very clever to abuse people under the name of entertainment, we are abuse #2



    Any positive effect from that? If I would want to lower my prolactin I would use PowerFULL, I proved with tests the drop in prolactin, drastic. I felt it in arousal and erections quality.

    Sadly it was a complete stab in the dark, as prolactin its just a minor problem for me, hormonally wise. Thus, the sexual boost wasnt huge.

    Personally the lack of orgasm its a very deep issue, and has more than one causative factors. It will be corrected as our “etheric energy” and body functions, biochemistry are regulated. I have experienced how healthy living (and asbtaining) slowly makes sexual arousal and orgasming better, little by little.

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