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    for those of you who know something about TRT….

    How do you get HCG without prescription? can you get it online?

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    K great. i love that site lol…..Do most people recomend HCG injections or to take the oral route?

    Is there a difference”?



    I dont think the oral thing works… thought i read it was a scam.



    Before i try any testosterone restarts though im gona have to get my varicocele taken care off in order of having any hope of maintaning natural testosterone at a good level.



    max have you taken HCG?

    If you did how do the injections work?

    Did you notice any libido changes?



    NO i didnt notice anything from HCG

    HCG usually doesnt work well by itself

    most people use HCG + testosterone.



    last thing you need is HCG your test levels are perfectly normal.



    im not gona use HCG im just asking



    hans can you or Dr. O prescribe caribidopa by itself?



    Han is right HRT is the last solution for us



    When i ask about HCG, or CLomid, or TRT or what ever im not really gona do it. im only considering most this stuff as a last resort……never the less its nice to ask and find out from people who know and have experience. this is the point of these forums



    “Han is right HRT is the last solution for us”

    most of us are at that solution now

    but im finding out TRT is not so great for everyone, been reading about a few guys that are actually going off TRT because it didnt work

    but i think if you exhausted all other areas TRT should be deff. given.



    personally im off HCG now and doing a clomid restart and going to see how my natural T holds up,,, im hoping around 500-600 with Shbg around 30,, if thats the case no TRT for me!




    Clomid raises SHBG?

    And do you understand the estrodial effects of clomid? Iv read a bunch of people complain of estrogen side effects but I dont really understand how this works. If you get it please enlighten me.



    the two guys I no who healed all their SE symptoms are YUHU and that guy Chris. they both balanced their neuros through amino acids…..and they both ended up going on TRT. they both use HCG and arimidex and they both told me that TRT is highly beneficial for them. But i also have read stories of guys who had no benefit from TRT. I feel like alot of the time their problems werent just testosterone they prob had other shit going on as well.



    clomid is not a long term treatment and it comes with sides, its just to restart

    i dont think clomid raises SHBG

    yeah TRT is complex….




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