where can i get these tests done

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    total testosterone




    please link me to sites and give me an idea of costs…

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    Go to the doctor? =)



    probs get refused… and want to do saliva tests…

    bedwards hows it going for you mate?



    Good luck with the doctor. Unless you have an very open minded doctor, I wouldn’t bother.


    You should get the Hormone Profile III. Unfortunately, it’s not very cheap. The good thing about their cortisol test is that there are (4) samples throughout the day. Your cortisol can vary widely throughout the day.

    Here are their blood spot tests:


    One thing I can’t figure out is that my blood spot testosterone is very low, but my saliva samples are in the middle of the normal range. Apparently, the blood spot measure what is protein bound in the blood, whereas the saliva test measures what is bio-available? But I still don’t understand why one is normal and the other is severely low.




    cheers for that infotmation.



    I think to get accurate results you have to be off the supps for at least a week(maybe more?). To get your real levels. That goes for the egg yolks too..I’m thinking of having these tests done soon to have tangible figures to work with.



    i have done the DHEA, cholestrol and full testosrene check-up. the rest of the stuff I will look inot ordering in the future. i’m just wondering does this stuff get seized by customs?

    I just remembered something really funny. when i asked for my test blood levels to be checked i got different results from two different doctors. I will go back to the first doctor next time I do the test check-up



    I haven’t had any problems with customs (I live in Canada). It’s just a bunch of empty tubes when they ship it to you. But I guess some countries may be a problem.

    The when you ship the samples, it’s US Customs that matters, I haven’t had a problem. I’ve done it 6 times in the last 3 years.



    i live in NZ. mayb i will ask those guys at ZRT and see what they say about it.

    if this is not possible then thats really not a good situation to be in. I will probably have to make up something in that case or just forget about the whole thing



    The ZRT route is costly. not to mention that inconvenience of customs. Why not do the blood or saliva tests in a normal lab in my country?



    If you can find a good lab, go for it. Even better. ZRT also has a lab in Canada, but you have to have a referral from a Naturopathic Doctor.



    yeah but somehow I need to be reffered by a doctor. and it is very difficult to convince mine. luckily i still have that sheet the nurse gave me from an old test that iw as suppsoed to take but didn’t. so i will scan and make copies of it and tick some extra ones and then give it to the nurse hehe. the rest i will keep for the future.

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