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    Hi what type of oil should i be taking for recovery 3,6,9?

    Im more concerned with the content of the EPA, GLA etc

    I’m currently taking Omega 3 fish oil.

    Each ml contains

    903mg omega 3

    163mg EPA

    108mg DHA

    Ive been taking 5mL twice a day

    My main aim to reduce PGE2 and make more PGE1

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    alot of people like Krill oil too



    Fish oil does not contain GLA. You will need to get GLA from Evening Primrose oil or Borage oil.

    Fish oil is also very delicate and sensitive to heat, light and air so make sure you store it in a dark place in your refridgerator. If possible buy it boxed and refridgerated from a health store. You can get Salmon oil, which is one of the most potent sources providing the Salmon are from icy cold waters.

    The biggest problem with fish oils is that they are heated to remove contaminants like mercury. This heating process destroys most of the EPA and DHA.

    There are other alternatives to fish oil. Your body actually creates its own EPA and DHA from ALA, but your body needs sufficient B vitamins, C vitamin, Zinc and Magnesium to do so. I suggest Udo’s Choice oil, which is high in ALA, LA and also contains GLA for an added boost. It is also produced in cold, dark, airtight extraction meaning it is highly potent and the best source available from any store. It is always stored and sold in the refridgerator.

    If you take Udo’s Choice oil you will be getting high quality pre-cursors to GLA and EPA, DHA. Your body can convert LA and ALA to all 3 of these providing you take a B complex vitamin, a C vitamin, Zinc and Magnesium. Most of these you can obtain in your diet by eating whole grains and fruit.



    instigator is partially right…

    but dont forget to choose a trustble company

    I have a Question guys? what is the PGE1 & PGE2

    and what are their functions?



    exercise check

    green vegetables check

    supplements check

    must swtich to

    udos oil

    and also add


    grains, ??

    as in rice, you mean



    Instigator …you rule

    but tell me do you mean that linolic acid isnt important in the pill?

    thanx for the link



    You body can make all of these from shorter chain fatty acids found in seeds and nuts. However the body is very bad at converting these to long chain fatty acids which is what it uses. The conversion rate is something like 30%.

    It is recommended you take 3g of long chain fatty acids of omega 3 and 6 each.

    For example:

    3g Fish Oil (Omega 3)

    3g Borage Oil or Primrose oil (Omega 6)

    This chart may help:



    Jamie Wooder

    Yes, add magnesium. You need to be taking vitamin B3 and B6 (both found in your B-50 complex), vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium.

    All of these vitamins and minerals can be obtained in your diet.

    B vitamins (B3 and B6)

    Found in complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, oats and wholegrains

    Vitamin C

    Found in tomatoes, oranges, apples and berries


    Found in seeds, nuts, beans, meats, dairy, complex carbs


    Found in seeds, nuts, beans, complex carbs

    Pumpkin seeds are brilliant because they contain high amounts of zinc and magnesium. From dietry sources most zinc and magnesium is harder absorbed because of the fibre, but at the end of the day a natural source is always better. It is probably best to take a low daily dose of magnesium and zinc supplements and implement certian sources – like pumpkin seeds and lots of nuts – to your diet. Heavy amounts of zinc cause copper deficiency, so do not go too crazy. Aswell as converting oils to PGE’s zinc will also boost testosterone, increase testicular function/size and thicken/whiten your semen.



    No problem

    Linoleic Acid (LA) cannot be made by the body, therefore it is an essential fatty acid so is very important. If you look at s diagram and read it from left to right you will see that LA comes first. It is the starting point for all omega-6 fatty acid conversions in your body. Why skip straight to GLA? Why not start from LA and get all of the benefits, afterall your body needs it for many functions.

    Udo’s choice oil contains high amounts of LA (omega-6) and LNA (omega-3) with added GLA (the amazing omega-6) for an extra boost to your conversion.

    With the correct diet or supplements your body can do all of the conversions in the omega-6 chain, plus most of the fats in the chain are found in margarines and cooking oils – most of which are bad! Anything in the chain before DGLA is good, anything after is bad. The good news is DGLA keeps all the bad fatty acids stored and prevents them from being released in the body. The bad ones are needed by the body, but without DGLA they function badly causing inflammation. DGLA keeps them under control making it an “inhibitor”, the same as DPA and DHA from the omega-3 chain.

    Aswell as these wonderful fatty acids being inhibitors, they are also pre-cursors to prostaglandins (PGE’s) as I explained earler.



    After years of trying out stuff and not really getting any improvment I want to finally try Dr Lins products, just for shits and giggles. I mean, even if it doesnt work and my impression is that the leading opinion on this forum now is something like: Sexual Exhaustion as a condition in its own right doesn’t exist, its all about correcting your hormones and biochemicial by doing super comprehensive tests and taking the right supplements, Dr. Lins products are ineffective and may even make your conditon worse.

    EVEN IF thats all true, I still want to try same, because:

    1. He is actually the only one how lists ALL my symptoms on his site from post-orgasmic pain, visual disturbances, tight, stiff, painful muscles, over bad concentration, etc. so its kind of believible to me

    2. I just don’t have the money for doing the comprehensive tests and my insurance doesnt cover it. I dont want to wait another year until I saved enough and Dr Lins stuff I could afford to at least try it 3 month.

    I mean even if it doesnt work, I can check it off and get rid of the negging fealing, that Dr Lin who ACTUALLY is the reason that I found this site in the first place, was maybe right in the end and could be the solution all along.

    Anyway, what I wanted to say is: Dr Lin also tells me to take fishoil every day and I was looking for the best product.

    I know Dr Rons is well respected on the forum and I saw they have a NEW FERMENTED cod liver oil. I think that sounds AWESOME! What do you think, should I buy it: http://www.drrons.com/fermented-blue-ice-cod-liver-oil.htm ?

    What is the difference between normal fish oil and cod liver oil anyway???




    If you do take Dr Lins products I suggest that you don’t ejaculate at all during the 3 months that you take them to get results.




    hey bro what’s up? long time no talk on the forum

    i see you have a g/f so i assume you’re having sex? what are your symptoms now and have you visited a doctor in germany yet?

    if you do use dr lins products let us know how they worked out for you.. i had some success with his dopafibra, and 5-htp which he recommends i recommend also but this is not his own product

    did you manage to SOME bloodwork from zrt labs or something?



    dr rons is a good brand..

    cod liver oil is basically a Vit A + D supplement

    regular fish oil is an omega 3 supplement

    i will take some cod liver oil here and there,,,

    i think the best food on the planet is liver..

    its literally packed with so much goof stuff we need..

    im going todo a liver + raw egg yolk + green veggie diet..




    So which fish oil would you recommend? Which is the purest product? Is there a non-heated fishoil? What is the real premium stuff?



    1. Dr Rons Fermented Cod liver oil

    – this stuff seems really potent, but its pricy!



    2. Vitalchoice.com salmon oil

    3. Krill oil

    those are probably the most pure…

    but you could just eat omega rich eggs and eat fish and grass fed beef..

    these all have omega 3…



    Max, do you think it would make any sense to take CLO and regular Fishoil parallel, because you say one is a Vit A+D suppl. and the other primarly a Omega 3 suppl?

    Anyway thanks for the recommended fishoil.



    id either take Cod Liver oil by itself

    or Fish oil + D3..

    D3 is important either take d3 or take in the form of CLO



    Lol, I still haven’t ordered fishoil… how can I always get distracted from taking care of my health?

    Anyway, one more question:

    For some reason I am convinced, that taking liquid fishoil is more healthy.

    Should I buy a bottle of liquid or just normal capsulas of fishoil?

    I want to buy this brand now, recommended by Max:


    Just don’t know if I should buy the capsulas or the liquid fishoil? Is there any problem with spoilage when it comes to the liquid? Do I have to keep it in the fridge, whereas I can keep the capsulas at room temperature? Is that correct?



    you could order the canned salmon too. its extremely good salmon.




    Dude, I live in Taiwan right now, you wouldn’t believe how cheap fish and sea food is down here. I can go eat Salmon Sashimi like 3 times for the pirce of one can. May not be the same quality, but still.

    For the time I am back in Germany, I would still like to know your opinion if liquid or capsulated fishoil is better.



    either one is fine from vitalchoice




    Is it correct than, that the liquid spoils easier and has to be kept cold in a fridge, whereas the capsulated fishoil can be stored in roomtemperature?



    I’m not sure i guess the capsules would last longer



    For the time being I was in no need of fishoil, because I lived in Taiwan for one year, where I ate raw fish daily.

    But now I am back in Germany and I was just about to order the socked-eye salmon oil from vitalchoice, that Max recommended.

    To my disappointment they only deliver to Canada and the USA.

    I need a high quality Fishoil that I can order to Germany.

    You guys know any company in the EU that sells high quality, preferably wild salmon fishoil?

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