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    I think it would be best for us all to know which particular supplements have worked on you well, so we can draw an overall conclusion. The ones that have made you see a noticeable difference.

    I suggest everybody list their symptoms that dissappeared after some particular supplement intake or food, along with the product’s name (brand etc) and dosage. If you were under many supplements, list them all so we can finally filter out which are for which purpose…

    I believe it’ll save us much more time, since many members have tested many supplements already… And sitting in front of a screen for so many hours digging for information in hundreds of articles and sites keeps us in a more sympathetic mode, which is definitely not good for recovery.

    It’s been 3 weeks now (I know it’s not much) and still have not seen the slightest improvement from the supplements (foods) I take, so I can’t help thinking I might be doing something wrong and that it will take much more time to heal…

    I mainly suffer from lots of precum that leads to limp erection and trying to figure out what would be of most help… I already know that oils, omega3s and zinc supposedly help. Just trying to figure out…

    Eg Stinger mentioned that zinc picolinate or sitrate helped him definitely a lot with soft erections…

    Please, specific brands and dosages…

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    i don’t think there is one supplement that will work for us all as everybody is different.

    but I can say that the most important thing for me was getting my metabolic type checked because I discovered that a lot of the food I thought was very healthy and good for me was in fact driving my body into sympathetic mode and hindering my progress. of course I also matched that with my blood type.

    so e.g of things I avoid are: cauliflower, cabbage, avocados, corn, oranges, tangerines, strawberries, blackberries,potatoes,Brazil nuts, Cashew, Peanut, Pistachios, kidney beans,water Melons, carrots, cantaloupe, honeydew,mushrooms etc….

    other stuff I include a lot of: seafood, Hazelnuts, hempseed, Olive oil, walnuts, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, sweet potatoes, Horseradish, Okra etc…..

    the other thing I found very useful is to make my body more insulin sensitive. with that regard things like BCAAs, Borage Oil and Taurine helped a lot (BCAAs and Taurine in powder form).

    acetyl-L-carnitine (also in powder form) is very useful. lots of benefits. same with the fish oil and cod liver oil.

    massage was very healing as well. deep tissue massage was done twice per months and therapeutic mssage twice per week. I think everybody should be doing it.

    Green tea I’m going to buy and I’ve settled on chinese gunpowder tea although the japanese one is better I think.

    other stuff I also take is: Vitamin C (plain ascorbic acid + bianoflaviods), mixed Vitamin E, magnesium citrate, multi-vitamin, ALA (alpha Lipoic acid), and NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine).

    I’ve dropped the digestive enzymes, liver tabs and kept my probiotic. considering to add Zinc at some stage.



    , is whey a sufficient source of BCAAs?

    As for green tea it would be better to get an extract(minus caffeine). i’ve been taking green tea for ages but i recently realised it has caffeine in it



    It depends on the type of whey. Generally whey has a fairly good amount of BCAAs in it, and the more purified it is the better its BCAA profile is, although there could be some taste issues. But in addition to whey- which is considered a superfood- I also supplement with BCAAs. usually before breakfast or before meals,cardio and during training sessions. the taste is not something to aspire to and their solubility is quite annoying but i’ve got great results with them.

    I understand your point about Green tea. Even though it has a small amount of caffeine, it contains high amounts of antioxidants and other nutrients (L-Theanine being one). It just adds variety to what I drink really.



    true, i know about the antioxidants and other nutrients thats why i’ve been taking it for the last 4 years. however i think i’ll look for an extract that doesn’t have caffeine in it



    true, i know about the antioxidants and other nutrients thats why i’ve been taking it for the last 4 years. however i think i’ll look for an extract that doesn’t have caffeine in it

    no problem, just be careful of magnesium stearate though as it seems it is present in some brands.



    What’s wrong with magnesium stearate?

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