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    This was my worst day with it and decided to make a photo to inmortalize my suffering heheh


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    oh, thats a pure pain… i recall the itchness that i suffered from .

    what kind of supplements that you have tried?

    and for your food allergy, did excluding them helped in this matter?

    Its weird, that you have made alot of effort, yet there is no logical explanation of this flare up.



    Maybe it’s a candida related symptom? I know it can affect the nose and sinuses.

    If i were you i would post that pic on the candida forum. Maybe others on there have similar problems.



    , this photo its from months ago, when I wasnt in a strict diet yet like the one of now (its a mix of anti candida and primal diet)

    Nowadays I have constant lower redness and waves of moderate, some times unbearable itch. Some days I dont have eczema at all…

    Supplements… I dont absorb them well but I can say that when I started with Mouton protocol the eczema almost dissappeared.

    Olive oil and aloe vera cream sometimes help a lot with it but you need to use them many times.

    About foods, im fucked. No success because its real that I am intolerant to almost anything. So, eczema comes an goes… obviously theres is still some food on my diet that its not ok.



    Its a good idea, lee. Candida its highly suspected fo this. At this time, im 100% sure candida its part of the picture, but im pretty sure its just another symptom, maybe of heavy metal poisoning.

    My name there its SomeDay, whats yours?



    ”My name there its SomeDay, whats yours?”

    I haven’t started posting on there yet, because i want my labs first to make sure i do have candida.

    Yeah i already know your name is someday, ive read all your posts and recognized you.

    In the meantime i’m slowly changing my diet to an anti-candida diet, bit by bit.

    This week ive stopped eating canned tuna, and swapped porridge oats for organic oatbran and 4 organic eggs along with a green smoothie. Also stopped using gravy granules. Soon i’m going to swap rye bread for homemade coconut bread or/and homemade buckwheat bread.

    By the time ive got my labs along with a few other things i.e veg steamer, home portable far-infrared sauna, enema equipment and candida supps, i should be more or less on an anti-candida diet already, so i won’t be struggling with getting the diet right.

    Im feeding the candida 2 roast potatoes and a slice of rye bread per day untill i start my protocol, because i’m worried it could adapt and start living off something it wouldn’t normally, protein perhaps is this possible do you think?

    I must say though i do think i probably have quite a mild form, that should be relatively easy to kill as long as i do everything right. Ive never taken anti-biotics (not since being a child anyway) nor do i have any amalgams, the cause for me is just a poor diet, lifestyle.

    EDIT: BTW thanks for the info you posted on the candida forum on Jatoba, ive been gathering a list of anti-fungals that i can rotate and make into tea’s so that will do nicely.



    The skin around my nose gets itchy as F*ck for no reason and I have to scratch as long as it will look just like yours on the picture.

    Today I took fish oil,maybe it has some ingredients I’m allergic to?

    That’s my best guess.



    But all the other days you dont take the trigger you dont get that right?

    Its weird you get that from biotin and also fish oil. Its beyond my imagination what can be the cause, I thought it was detox. Maybe you are really one of those persons that react to some ingredients in supplements.

    Aloe vera gel and olive oil helps with this shitness.



    Oh and we are still waiting for the results of my Hair Metal Analysis test. I hope it is worth the 250 dollars it costed and shows my parents that my theories are completely real… because here in Spain most of testing methods suck.

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