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    has anyone gone to there doctor about ED?

    What was the outcome of seeing a doctor?

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    Yes I did last year.

    But the doctor didn’t believe what I had to say. He said that I am just imagining things and that I should have sex with a girl instead of wanking to porn.

    I told him that I am not getting erections and hence it is not possible to have sex. He said “have you tried it?” … I felt very bad and just left..



    My doctor blamed it all on depression and tried to give me an ssri. All my labs came back good and they pretty much said that nothing is wrong with me. I then went to a urologist, who stated that everything looked good, including blood flow and testosterone and gave me a script for Viagra, which doesnt really have any effect on the problem…



    I gave up on my family MD years ago. But I do plan on copying and sending some information to Dr. Mariano before the phone consulation. It’s hard to verbally express all of this quickly enough, especially in the 10-minutes that yuo sit in front of a doctor.

    So I plan on copying and mailing some excerpts from the “Sexual Neurasthenia” book from 1900 that describes the symptoms, a list of symptoms from Dr. Lins site and some of the symptoms that people have posted on this forum. The all match. I’ll lay out that the symptoms are ALL the same so it is pretty hard to ignore. He is a holistic doctor, so possibly he will believe it. The question is, will he know what to do about it.



    it will be interesting to see what he say to say about it.




    It will. Multiple sources saying the same thing, same symptoms, same reason.

    It will be a few weeks yet. Labsafe called today and said it would be a couple of weeks before the doctor looks through and signs my lab so they can mail it. I want to mail all my old labs to Dr. Mariano and a letter describing my history before I do the phone consulation.

    Labsafe says that my hormones are fine (but I know that can mean low-normal, so we’ll see). They did mention that my B-12 is above normal and my iron is above normal, so I don’t know what to think of that. They also said I have “giant platelets”. Googling that didn’t help very much



    the result and description sound dodgy. I’ve never heard of too much b-12 and too much iron is usually associated with some genetic disorders.”giant platelets”?? maybe the’ve been watching too many scary movies.

    as far as hormones, the only time I’d use saliva testing is for cortisol and maybe DHEA-s, otherwise conventional blood testing is the way to go.

    anyhow Frank, let us know how it goes bro and good luck with it.



    frank O i got a full hormonal test done with lab safe. i got my blood drawn on a monday and i called on a thursday and they had all my results.

    i believe Dr. ROmeo is your answer, i cant wait to see what he does for you.




    There are a few disorders associated with “Giant Platelets”. It is actually lab terminology. I don’t know what it means yet.

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    you lucky little devil you, a lot of people would give an arm N leg to live so close; your in good hands with Dr. marianco. you must see him at once!

    id go see him or dr. john but like you, Dr. Shippens (another worlds best) is only 10 minutes from me and im seeing him in a month.



    sean rocero

    From what I can tell about Dr. Mariano, he does not only prescription drugs. At least that doe not seem to be his preference. He uses Orthomolecular medicine, which is


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    So he would use L-glutamine if your are deficient in GABA, for example. Or L-Phenylaline if you are low in Dopamine.

    Basically, he uses the approach that we have been trying to use …….except he knows what he is doing.



    there is another guy on a different board that uses such methods. he said that in theory a B-complex sounds good but in practise is not reliable. I think I now understand why CIM was expereincing lethargy when using that multi.



    why was he ?



    I would suspect that he may not be getting enough of one b vitamin (or more than one) that he especially needs. thats the problem with a B-complex. it doesn’t allow one to taylor the dose specifically to one’s needs. so he might be getting an under-dose of one(s) and an over-dose of the other(s). the possibilities are endless here. I would say to take the highest does of each one and see how that goes.

    The guy uses the orthomolecular approach and has recommended glutamine because of its association with NADH. I think he has a b6 dependency.



    i take a seperate B5,B6, B12



    thats good, at leas you know how much you need of each. I believe that could be part of the problem. I will find more about it though.



    i think everyone needs to follow an ADrenal fatigue protocol



    My experience with the MD was pretty typical. My condition wasn’t understood and I was given an SSRI and told it was all in my head. I never filled the prescription and never went back for the follow-up appointment.




    Ditto for me



    doctor one didn’t have a clue. then doctor 2, the urologist was dozing off when i was explaining my symptoms. i wanted to stand up and walk. he’s a very experienced old doctor so he knew(thought he knew) for a fact that i didn’t know what i was saying. “at your age it’s probably nothing…maybe your girlfriend is not turning you on” he said. he gave me a prescription with stress tabs which i didn’t follow up with



    whats scarey here, if it wasnt for the internet, we would probably do everything our dam docs would tell us.



    Max Damn, that is true.




    Ok, that comment made me laugh. It is true though.






    sean rocero

    I’m sure he does. I mean look at his credentials


    He actually studied this stuff for 14 years and has been practicing and treating patients for 13 years. We have been reading about this stuff in our spare time for the last couple of years.

    Now…..there are MANY doctors that we probably do know more, especially about specific issues, such as which amino acids, or adrenal fatigue. Ask most doctors which amino acid boosts dopamine and I’ll bet they wouldn’t know. Ask most doctors about adrenal conditions and they’ll only know of two, Cushing Syndrome and Addisons Disease.

    Plus, from his web site and his posts, he seems to consider the body as a whole. Immune system, neurotransmitters and hormones and their interaction.






    thats not true, dr. shippen said yes you can take supplements, but will they there probably not going todo jackshit on a hormonal level….

    i find some supplements to be great if there from VRP.com all other ones are garbage







    What about test boosters like ZMA, Tribulus, Tongkat Ali, etc.?




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