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    It’s easier for me to eat my eggs “boiled”. I cook them 4 min in ebullient water then the white is solid (usefull for proteines=>dopamine perfect for morning energy) and the yolk still liquid.

    2 eggs each morning since 2 weeks. The effect is low :/

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    thats a good way to eat them, were the yolk is still raw but just warm.

    2 eggs is nothing really, you should try eating 6-10 daily.

    i personally been eating the entire egg raw and find it to be both benefical.

    i tracked my progress it seems when i was losing my morning erections i was eating little to no vegetables, no salmon, and no raw milk, when i added them back into my diet i get morning erections. im slowly starting to improve.




    Ok, i’m happy if boilled eggs work

    1 big egg = 50% of choline needed /day/ a man.

    Why eating 3,4,5,…. eggs ? More DHEA or other hormones ?

    Yes,I want to add fish or maybe cod liver oil to my diet.



    when it comes to raw eggs, more is fine



    I prefer them boiled as well. I usually have 4 whole eggs for breakfast + some egg whites.

    personally I find raw eggs to stimulate my SNS too much, which is not a good thing.



    lol stimulate ur SNS ?



    Max Sympathetic Nervous System…?




    i think what matters is what your ancestors ate. your genotype or gene pool if you like, will end up determining what you will eat or not eat. here is something I found interesting about milk:

    Percentage of people with lactose intolerance by race.

    * 90-95% Oriental

    * 15-25% Caucasian

    * 70% African

    * 50-55% Mexican

    * 60% Jewish

    * Up to 95% Native Americans



    Sympathetic Nervous System…?

    yep SNS stands for sympathetic nervous system



    people that are lactose intolerance do well on grass fed raw milk.




    Raw milk is a very good source of human disease. Its a very good medium for harbouring yeats, fungi, bacteria and bacteriopahges. It matters little what the source of the animal is.

    if you have ever studied immunology you will know that IgM is the maternal immunoglobulin, and other fractions, are designed to give immunity to a suckling calf.

    so milk by definition is immunogenic. the immunogenic components create immune activity and antigen antibody complexes . This is possible because the GI gut allows permeability of these types of complexes.

    impaired gut functioning basically means more inflammation,more chronic fatigue and eventually more stress. there is a very good relation between milk-borne Mycobacterium infection and Crohns Disease in humans.



    Raw milk is one of the healthiest things you can consume.

    all your information is completely wrong, you obviously know little on the subject of raw milk and get your information from false sources, i suggest you do more research on raw milk from grass fed animals

    It always seems you never consumed raw milk to verify the health benefits of it.

    I personally noticed huge benefits when I added raw milk into my diet.

    The entire culture in America was built on raw milk.

    Some of the healthiest and longest living cultures ever to walk this planet used raw milk products daily.






    I guess you could be right but then again my experience says otherwise. I’d be interested to hear what the health benefits were.



    i just sent links that discuss the benefits of raw milk




    I don’t care about the links to Dr Ron or Dr Mercola. A lot a of claims are made about a lot of things.

    what was YOUR experience with it Max.

    Did you notice less allergies?, did you have more energy?

    Did your digestion improve? Did you get better erections, Better sleep etc……




    Keep Jesus out of this LOL

    Alright then, well it has worked for you. I’ve not experienced any good things from milk. its not for me.



    yes i tried everything

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