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    Specifically, who the article http://www.oldandsold.com/articles08/marriage-22.shtml and the other related topics???

    It says it was originally written in the 1900s. Wow! Whoever it surely knew the effects of over-masturbation.

    If the person that these articles was spot on about the effects of over-masturbation he must also be spot on about the treatment right? Or is it too old to adopt in the present time???

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    from my reading…former nations knew that over-masturbation and semen loss has an effect on the man body.

    Any way…I red once from an Muslim Scientist Who said:

    ” Semen is the fuel of Brain and the strength of Bones”.

    Thanks for Sharing HCP…



    do you think the treatment methods outlined in those articles can solve our problems?



    It’s by Bernarr Macfadden. All his books are available free online. This one is ‘Manhood and Marriage’ and the other main one is ‘Vitality Supreme’. I learned a lot from his books. Google them and you’ll find them online for free. Print them out like I did and read them. Some will be in crap formats. Keep looking and you’ll find something that prints out neatly.



    Well considering our situation I think YES

    he didnt mentioned anything weird…he declared that alot of sexual activity is harmful for your nerves and sexual Organs.

    So his formula to Be healthy is = sustaining + Avoid any Sexual Stimulant

    Not to mention, he cautioned us from Sexual Enhancers or Meds because they may have many side-effects.

    I Believe now that Abstaining is Vital and Important for our health.



    yea, and if you read carefully he repeatedly tells that “Nervous Energy” is the most important thing for sex. I always thought that hormones are vital for powerful erections and libido.



    Sexual Exhaustion has alot to do with the nervous system…………



    Sexual Exhaustion has alot to do with the nervous system…………

    Really? Can you please explain more? What about hormones then?



    you cant just take testosterone gel and expect results… you need to to balance other hormones and other issues.. testosterone gel can be great for some and not great for others.. usually you need something to control e2 when doing t- gel.

    well sex is healthy and good, we need sex to be healthy.

    abstain from masturbating and porn but dont abstain from sex.

    theres also problems associated with abstaining… If we abstain to long we just have a wet dream anyways, why not just have sex?

    i suppose there is some slight truth in those articles..

    humans are designed to ejaculate quite frequently.



    This makes me sad.

    I have read the book by George Miller Beard. And yes, he also specifies this as a nervous exhaustion. Based on all this I am guessing that we have screwed up our Parasympathetic Nervous System.

    for some reason I thought that you had recovered. I am surprised to see that you still have problems with your erection.



    No I have have not recovered I cut down on masturbation and took in more nutrients and things like that. The longest I abstained the whole time was like 16 days and thats just not going to cut it. My sleep has gotten way better though I’m finally back to being able to sleep 8 to 9 hours like I used to. I still have watery semen with almost no white at all in it most of the time only rarely do I ever have white in my semen.



    The articles in http://www.oldandsold.com also emphasize a LOT on Milk Diet.

    Max, do you know why Milk is being stressed?



    i’m not sure.

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