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    Starting from today, I’m going to abstain from any sexual pleasure for 100 days. I hope You join me, because together we are stronger. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

    So absolutely NO




    Also it will be easier if you try your best to refrain from

    -playing with erotic thoughts

    -looking at women/men in a lustful way

    Make a commitment and see where it leads you.

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    Easier said than done. My relationship with my girlfriends means too much to me. I could never deprive our relationship of the natural attraction and affection we have for each other, I would not risk my relationship. A lot of good and healing has been brought by her and her support, more than abstaining ever has. Good luck though..



    Then it’s not for you. I also believe sex with a loving girlfriend is healing. But there are guys who yet want or need to abstain.



    count me in. no girlfriend no problem need to energize the mind body and soul.



    I’m in.

    I will try but I always get battered by nocturnal emmissions (min of three per week) and these are slaying me. Perhaps not looking/thinking about women lustfully will help. That’s very difficult though.




    It will definitely help. If you think a lot about sex or girls during the day, or watch some porn in the evening (without ejaculation) you will most likely have an erotic dream.

    Useless thoughts drain your energy. Just stop thinking once you find yourself in the action of daydreaming about sex. It will lead to erotic dreams in the night time, too.



    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I find it useful to read some stuff about celibacy to motivate myself.



    Here’s a poem from the same site. Ignore some parts if you don’t believe in greater power, it’s still great!

    Withdrawal Symptoms

    I, alas, have been drawn for so long

    Into the ways of this modern life,

    Evading all pain and discomfort

    Yet still there is plenty of strife.

    I avoided all grief and unpleasantness,

    Indulged in so many a pleasure,

    Spinelessly wallowed in self-concern,

    And improved far too slowly, at leisure.

    Most of the comforts I seek from outside

    Result in some kind of addiction.

    Every attempt to withdraw from then,

    Results in some kind of affliction.

    Enough is enough, I’m done with this struggle,

    It’s time to face what is real,

    And wean my attention and feelings

    Away from these vices, to heal.

    O come then that pain and discomfort,

    Let me see how bad you can get!

    I’ll take out your sting by confronting you,

    And learn to welcome you yet.

    For in truth you are bringing me closer

    To rely on that Comfort* within,

    That enfires the spirit and strengthens the soul,

    Pain to bliss, as it transmutes my sin.

    Each time those withdrawal symptoms

    Tempt me with indulgences old,

    I’ll ROAAAR like a lion, be who I AM,

    With love for this body, yet bold.

    With trust in my Heavenly Father,

    To supply me with all I require,

    I’ll become His dynamic instrument,

    And with courage fulfill His desire.




    Yur proteins intake and high level of exercise promotes your excessive night e-missions, i noticed that on my self too…lower the dose to the half for proteins if you are still taking them



    I’m in, I think its harder to heal during the winter for some reason anyways.

    I’m going to throw in another challenge to myself to run 20 miles a week. When I run in the morning, it changes my whole day. I can get really weak erections from flirting with girls.



    Welcome aboard SigArms!

    Indeed ejaculation frequency needs to be a lot lower in the winter, since the body is much weaker, this is also what Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches.

    Morning is the ideal time for any physical exercise, stomach is empty and the body energized after sleep. It will definitely give a good start for the day as you say.

    Shell, you’re not joining the movement?



    I’ll paste some advantages of periods of celibacy here, taken from the site above:

    – Healthy immune system.

    “Continence would be of the greatest help in humanity’s struggle against illness, because in the continent person the undiminished internal secretions of the sex glands are better able to fulfill their task of keeping the system immune to infections.” – G.S. Hall, Adolescence.

    -Vitality and longevity.

    In addition to the points made in “Diverting your vitality” above, conserving your semen and/or other body fluids has big advantages. Swami Bhaktipada, in his book The Joy of No sex, writes: “If an oil lantern burns at full speed, it will hardly last the night. Celibacy preserves semen, the oil of life, and promiscuity wastes it. Frivolous use of sexual energy drains the physical and mental systems. … This is also true of a woman’s sexual energies. All art students are familiar with Michaelangelo’s “Pieta”. In that magnificent sculpture, a beautiful Virgin Mary lovingly holds the body of the crucified Christ on her lap. Once, a friend of Michaelangelo complained, “The Virgin looks like a young girl, not like Christ’s mother.” “You must be unaware of the benefits of celibacy,” the sculptor replied. It’s a fact. sex ages a person.” (4) Dhanvantari, the father of the Ayurvedic system of medicine, “The secret of health lies in the preservation of virya [seminal fluid], which is the essence of the Atman [Self] itself. He who wastes virya cannot enjoy physical, mental, moral, or spiritual well-being.” (Harivamsa) Dhanvantari further explained that when the virya is lost, the prana [life force in air] is agitated, and one becomes nervous. The mind is then agitated, and when the mind is disturbed, the whole system suffers. This also saps your vitality, as mentioned in “Diverting your vitality” above.

    -Better sports performance.

    Top sports performers know that sex the day before an event can deprive them of peak performance. (In his Exhortation to Chastity, Tertullian pointed out that if an athlete is willing to practice celibacy for the sake of a game, how much more should we be willing to be celibate for spiritual purposes.)


    When you overcome old habits of sexual perversions or over-indulgence through celibacy, your sense of self-worth greatly increases.



    I’m in for 10 days, just for the support lol.

    I know I’ll have a n emission within 50 days. Now I even know why. I eat a lot of potein, exercise, think about girls throughout the day even when I got no sex drive, and watch porn when I’m bored even without masturbating…

    The n emission will kill the progress, like its happened many times before, so I’m not gonna go 100 days. And I’m not willing to give up all the above for this.

    Now I jerk off like once a week. Just ordered a bunch of tests yesturday so just waiting for the reuslts. Then time to supplement what’s needed.

    I have no doubt that there’s benefit in abstaining, and maybe it can cure PE, leak, but if you have serious issues like major adrenal fatigue or a bad testosterone/ E2 ratio, I don’t think abstaining will solve this. I don’t think I can go for a year either way even if I tried.

    But 100 days will definitely refresh your mind. Good luck




    Iam in doubt Nicolas

    dont you think that this period is to long?




    It’s better than nothing, lol.


    If this is your healing plan you need to do some modifications.


    This is pretty well if you can keep that rate in the long term, not going for another round when feeling depressed etc.


    I don’t believe abstaining cures PE, for that you need to retrain your reaction to sexual stimulation.

    I think we all are facing very serious issues. Even if abstaining alone doesn’t solve this, it will sure help your recovery. It would be plain stupid to keep on indulging oneself if one finds his case very serious?

    The ones with most serious issues are the ones who need celibacy the most.


    Thank you and good luck with the following 10 days.


    Not really. Maybe if this is your first period of abstaining. But if you have done some weeks or a month without, no problemo! And if you fail it’s not the end of the world, if you get right up and continue.

    I think 3 months is optimal to get some lasting results, given that you don’t watch porn and arouse yourself with sexual thoughts. Spontaneous and nocturnal erections are okay as long as you don’t feed them with fantasizing to make them last longer. Keep it natural. sex is not a sin, but it’s better to avoid erections, because usually they lead to bad things.



    So when does this officially start and are we going to be keeping track of time in this thread?

    Also, I was kind of wondering about the bio for everyone attempting this?

    Here’s mine

    age: 23

    location: florida

    symptoms: no spontaneous erections/morning erections, brain fog, low libido, PE, almost complete impotence, moderate depression



    Where in Florida are you located?



    Nicolas, I will try to avoid sexual thoughts as part of this 100 day challenge, but I really don’t watch porn at all, if that’s what you mean. I have no problem avoiding porn and I never masturbate. My only ejacualtions are nocturnal, even when I’m going through a LOW libido time. I cannot beat those. I don’t know what the problem is. I also do cold sitz baths each evening and tailbone/anal muscle contractions to strengthen my pelvic floor.

    Shell, I really don’t do excessive exercise at all. I do 30 minutes of Chi Kung every morning and do about 10-15 mins each evening of weight training (not very heavy, just enough to boost testosterone, so they say). I do that every day. I do eat protein with every meal, as well as vegetables and fats, but I don’t eat huge amounts. If I cut down I would lose weight and that’s something I can’t do. I’m 6ft and barely scraping past 140lbs. I’ve lost weight even though my testosterone is non-existent. They say you’re supposed to put ON weight with low test.

    Nevertheless, I will try 100 days with no stimulating thoughts. Very difficult, but I’ll try.




    Well, I’ve been already abstaining from monday. But let’s say the official starting day is the next monday, 25th October. That means 1st of February is the last day. If you have already started, keep it up. In my opinion it is okay to hop in even a little bit later if someone hasn’t noticed this great opportunity to abstain as a team.


    Here we go:

    Age: 22

    Location: Scandinavia

    Time spent healing: 3 years

    Most important personal medicines: Simple diet, celibacy, meditation, yoga, qigong, running

    Symptoms: After re-exhausting myself with porn again, my only substantial symptom was no orgasm. Also erection power was a little diminished. I think porn addiction is one symptom too.


    First of all you should be proud of yourself. If you don’t watch porn and you don’t masturbate you’ve already done major work with your addiction. You are still healing on a deeper level even if you have nightly discharges. Also your healing regimen seems stabile so you shouldn’t worry too much about this one persistent symptom. Worrying about anything will only do harm to your health.

    I can only speculate, but I believe it’s mostly the unconscious mind which is to blame for ejaculating during dreams. You may still have an unconscious urge to ejaculate, and it finds an outlet in your dreams when the unconscious is active.

    I have explained many times that you have to do this contraction of pelvic floor muscles at the very moment you feel ejaculation approaching. That means that you have to be aware of the moment even when you are dreaming. But it’s pretty easy, because usually the discharges happen in the morning time when you are half awake.

    In the beginning of my first abstaining period I had to block many nocturnal ejaculations in a week, sometimes in a one night. But after persistently blocking them one after another, they almost completely stopped happening.


    It is difficult in the beginning, but it is very rewarding. You will find peace of mind after sexual thoughts no longer abuse your life. However you will find sexual thoughts popping in your mind, because it’s impossible to control thoughts. But when you become aware of the thought, just drop it and concentrate on something that is present and real. Eventually the mind is less and less inclined to produce sexual thoughts.

    Fantasizing about sex in an exhausted state will bring only depression in the end.



    How’s everyone doing?

    I had some serious spontaneous erections yesterday. I used them for meditation. Learning how to breathe in and out of your penis is very useful and joyful! I found this increased blooflow in some areas that have been seriously blocked in the past. When blood gets there again, I feel “complete” again.

    I think one of my fundamental problems with sexuality has been the fact that I have always been looking for my own satisfaction. I never realized that sex is actually trading. Now that I “breathe” out the pleasure from my penis, it feels very good to “give”. It also makes room for more pleasure to rise from within. The more you give, the more are you able to receive.

    Although I used a little mental stimulation in some point, a slight slip. But on we go!



    A late response from me, I’ve been on holiday for two weeks.

    Nicolas, thanks for your input regarding my problems.

    I think avoiding sexual thoughts might be a very important factor. I think the main reason for me not to do this, is that it drains so much energy from my body. In my case, it’s not that I fantasize about women, I don’t. But I do look longingly at pretty much every female in the street. I’m not having sexual thoughts when I do this, it’s more just ‘female’ thoughts (I long for them, wish they were my girlfriend etc). This is probably common for all men but I’ve found myself doing this a lot more over the past year. When I was on holiday recently (in Vietnam), when looking at all their stunning women I realised how tense my body was, how my eyes were strained and hurting because I’d looked at so many over the past few hours, and how tired I felt. I felt like I’d given all my energy TO THEM, and didn’t have a chance in hell of getting any back. I was sick of it and found a simple remedy, which I’m using now. I removed my glasses. My eyesight isn’t the best you see, so when I take them off I can’t see people clearly. If I can’t see women, I can’t long for them, and because I don’t fantasize, I had little sexual thoughts for the rest of thr trip. Now back in Singapore I will take my glasses off as often as possible when in the street to avoid the strain I was under before. I hope this helps with my nocturnal emmission problem (3 per week). I will see.

    Nicolas, I tried the pelvic floor contractions during a few of my recent emmissions but this didn’t work to stop the emmission. I’m not sure if I couldn’t contract the muscles strongly enough while I was half asleep, or I was simply too late, or was contracting the wrong ones (again, concentration isn’t the easiest in that semi-sleeping state) but i will keep trying.

    Age: 28

    Location: Singapore

    Time spent healing: Using well considered, natural methods = 18 months. Used Dr Lin for 2 years before that, back when I didn’t know any better (made me MUCH worse).

    Most important personal medicines: Diet, superfoods (spirulina, aloe vera etc), chi kung, celibacy, very short daily weight lifting sessions.

    Symptoms: Impotence (10 years), chronic fatigue (3 years), insomnia (2 years), premature ejaculation (6-10 years).




    I’m glad to hear you have also noticed this fact. It’s another step towards healing.

    A simple glance charged with desire will deplete your energy through your eyes. You ever wonder why female dress all that sexy? It’s an unconscious habit to drain sexual energy from the eyes of male spectators! It’s a kind of energy vampirism. They need the looks, and you pay the price if you fall on their trap. A sensitive person will notice that there is a drop of energy after the process of watching a female with a lustful attitude. And the female will walk away happier and feeling more attractive.


    Nice one. Desperate situations call for desperate measures! I believe and hope it works for your nighttime problems.

    Meditating with open eyes has helped me with this. I have learned to relax my eyes and use peripheral vision mostly. This way you can look at a person as a whole and not get stuck with her beautiful eyes or ass. Not every ass is worth a look!


    It’s best to contract ALL muscles down there. You don’t need to isolate the pelvic muscles. You can also contract your buttocks, abdominals, teeth, anything to get enough power to block it.

    EDIT: Doing this while exhaling will greatly amplify the power.

    Good luck!




    I’ve been absinent for one week now, no porn no masturbatio or anything. I did have a good kiss with someone though but I haven’t been kissed for 5 years so I’ll allow that to pass this once

    I’ve been hunting around online about guys who’ve quit masturbating and to amazement some even said it had removed the dark rings under their eyes. I’ve had dark rings under my eyes for years, and have been chronicly fatigued for a very long time (since teenager). I am quite excited to think that permanent abstinence might get rid of these and give me my energy back!

    I make sure my diet is very good too and the only vice I have left is the odd cigarette but I’m finding the longer I abstain from masturbation, the easier and easier it is becoming to have more control over my actions and direct my thought and attention. I wonder if it’s this natural cycle of frustration-release frustration-release that sexuality brings which makes us so prone to drug addiction generally?

    I actually think abstinence from you know what will enable me to quit the cigs too. I read something about that on here:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what benefits abstinence will bring, as I’m lucky enough not to have any blood or liver problems and my testoserone tested out within the normal range even after ejaculating twice the day before the blood test so I should hopefully be ok. I also get some erections in the day on thought alone and weak morning wood.

    I’m not sure if some of you other lads can identify with this but I *always* thought *something* was wrong in my life, I just never ever thought it could be due to something as *trivial* (what I thought at the time) as masturbation. Turns out the last thing masturbation is, is trivial. I’m beginning to think it might be one of the worst addictions/vices of all!

    Anyways thanks for starting the topic, I’m in all the way as long as it takes with total celibacy




    Congratulations for the kiss!


    Many things will improve… Little miracles happen, and they start to happen more often. After a few successful years the healing is put on to a solid ground and the body is left no chance but to heal. If you reach this state while you are still young, there will be no doubt of healing.


    Your words are true. When you control your sexuality, the rest addictions will die somewhat automatically. They say that the sexual urge is the hardest one to control, so after that everything should be pretty easy

    When I started to watch porn again, I started smoking again. Couple of weeks ago I quit the porn, and one week ago I quit the cigs.

    I also think that the desire for sex, drugs (and rock’n’roll!) are closely connected. And I mean the music too, many of us are addicted to noise and can’t stand the silence (which is actually relaxing and healing).


    I can definitely identify with this. I used to stare at the mirror and ask myself what the F*ck was wrong with me. Why was I cursed with these health problems, why my face didn’t look healthy like the faces of others?

    By now pretty much every question is answered.


    Thank you for yourself. I’m more than happy to see a person quit harming oneself.



    Thanks so much for a wonderful and inspiring reply Nick

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