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    I remember reading studies about how masturbation is good for you. But for some reason kinda odd to me why there wouldn’t be any studies about how people should limit themselves.

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    If you think about it masturbation by itself doesn’t cause that much harm. Even if you masturbate every single day I don’t think it impact you negatively. However if you are addicted to porn and ejaculate excessively to pornography that will hit you very hard…. There is a huge difference between a normal ejaculation and porn influenced ejaculation. The latter drains the body and mind….



    yes, when you become addicted to porn and wank all day long, even when not horny/can not have erection, it can destroy you. Basically all addictions can do that.

    If you are relatively healthy and you recharge well, masturbation should not pose a problem.

    You know you are in bad shape if your health falls apart after ejaculation or if you develop depression etc…

    Taking all approaches in account is recommended.

    trust your natural responses and you should figure out what’s wrong.

    why masturbate if not horny…? what else can be the reason than addiction or trying to relieve bad feelings with ejaculation…

    masturbating/ejaculating when not having any sexual energy is not also very if at all enjoyable…

    relaxing, eating well, exercising, trying to cure negative attitude,…these are all good tactics.



    Why do western doctors not talk about excessive masturbation?

    Beats me! I really wish they did right now, or at least acknowledged the harm it can do and its consequences! Instead of telling people you cannot jerk off too much, it wont do any harm to you, its perfectly normal to do it everyday, blah blah blah….

    If any has an answer to this I’d really like to hear it



    i think most men to do not over masturbate, for some reason most men masturebate and remain healthy most of there lives. for some reason some of us overmasturbating effects us much more, it seems to drain more of us…

    basically people who over masturbate are usually very low in key minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper, iron.




    Ive got a feeling I fit the bill for lacking those minerals.

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