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    Some might think that I shouldn’t be a social worker because of this but those who’ve looked at my personal research papers actually thought I should be one. It is my experience that not treating them special helps them in the long run whereas treating them special only result in negative self-fulfilling prophecies, more loser attitudes, dependency, being labeled etc. I’ve been to these so-called “mental health experts” and I’ve ony been stigmatized and worsened so don’t tell me I’m wrong if you have no contradicting actual experience. I came out of Psychiatric hospitalization much worser but I became stronger mentally after I denounced these so-call experts, stopped taking my SSRIs and started my own researches on mental illness and sexual exhaustion. Instead of looking up to sucidal losers like Charles Bishop who flew his plane to some building, I started looking up to real heroes like the great Judoka Masahiko “The fourth demon of Judo” Kimura for which the “kimura” armlock in Mixed Martial Arts is named after. Don’t focus on negativity, you will only get worse. If you have a loser attitude, you already loss.

    If you’re going to talk about giving up and committing suicide then this is not the forum for it. We are interested in progressing, not giving up. I’ve never been fully suicidal but that’s because I’m the violent/threatening type that will turn outwards rather than inward which is pretty much suicide expressed outwards (this is why some people go on rampages), so I do have some understanding of suicide. But this is not the forum for it, so don’t play the suicidal card here for sympathy. I’ve played it before and only got worse. Also, negative thinking only weakens your adrenals. I don’t believe in treating depressed people special or weak (neither do I pretend that they have no problem, and will try to help research it), in my personal experience as someone who was and is depressed, I can say that it only reinforces the helplessness and will stigmatize you.

    It’s difficult but what I want to see in everyone is toughness, independence, persistency, will to try their best and research, research, research. This is the best way we can hope to defeat this and other devastating diseases. I don’t want to see talks of quitting, suicide, whinning, a loser attitude and expecting others to do all the research. Neither do I want to see the same questions asked over and over again if the person has no intention of actually trying the suggestions given in regard to the question by others.

    In summary: (1) Be strong and independent and don’t be a loser, also try doing your own researches as this is what we’re here for (2) I don’t believe in treating depressed people special, it will only do harm. (3) If you have no intention of changing something, don’t waste others’ time.

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    I couldn’ t agree more…

    You were given a chance to live after all. Why not use it? In any way you can. There is no wrong and right, easy and difficult. That’s all in our minds. Just continue living till you get something that suits you. Continue experimenting with your life. You will get “lucky” eventually. Trying to suicide may get you in a less healthy condition making it more difficult to experiment. It is a fact that everybody has problems. They just don’t talk about them. Try to do so and you will see the positive feedback coming as you gain respect from others for not having a problem…

    Also stop thinking about what others do. You may think they are in a better condition than you, it will not last forever though… You may be a million times luckier tomorrow. Your neighboor that is now wealthier or has the most beautiful girlfriend will be in your condition tomorrow and vice versa. That thought can help you a lot to stop caring about what others say. This is YOUR life. And yes, it was meant to be this way… You are the same person, with the same dna… Always have been…




    You got that spot, if you are to nice to people like that they think that you will “do it” for them, has to come from themselves to.

    Tough but nice



    I went once to doctor to check my thyroid hormone levels and all the normal tests ( which came back as normal ). I made the mistake to say that sometimes I did not sleep well. The doctor then prescribed me with some kind of phychostimulant even I said I didn’t need it ( it was not anti-depressant but something for short term usage ). I guess we live in society, where everyone is trying to throw the responsibility of their health to someone else’s shoulders, and this has lead to these aggressive methods and pillers. Why not to encourage me to research why I did not sleep well etc. in the doctors office, instead of prescribing pillers. It is not too much for me to know, that I all alone responsible of my health.

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