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    If you have read my posts on the forum, you know that I have very little interest in western doctors and their methods ( except for the surgery used in accidents ).

    But I think they are important in that sense, that usually normal people turn to their doctors when they become under the influence of disease.

    If the doctors would be able to lead people on the right track from the beginning, lots of suffering would be saved. Of course as well, if the doctor would lead the patient on the wrong path it will cause the patient more suffering and internal conflict.

    Things get very hard, because healing is not the worlds easiest task to do and everyone has her own experiences.

    Very few people in the world is actually able to cure other people ( when we really define cure and healthy, as they are defined in dictionary ).

    I write posts like this, because it is extremely important that people get themselves on the right track as early as possible. It may be more important than any eating, supplement or meditation method that I´ve come across so far. Because by looking for what ails them, people will themselves be transformed and healed. I see lots of people on various forums, who are completely lost and impractical. Be practical if you wish to get better.

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    Again, the amazing book Tao Te Ching has hints about this:

    “Learn how to exist without learning,

    And correct the faults of the many:

    Help all things to conform to nature,

    And avoid the rashness of action.”

    The message of being practical is hidden between those lines. Those who are aware of harm and are practical, can heal and exist without ever being dependent on learning new stuff.



    If getting better and feel good = methods and approaches work.

    If not getting better, being depressed, stressed, mind and body is blocked = methods and approaches do not work. You should then realize something is wrong and not forcefully follow that specific strict code where some approach is certainly missing.

    -eating. eat tasty organic diet which you intuitively prefer. eat when hungry, drink when thirsty.

    -energy economy

    -massage, stretching

    -relaxing both mind ( no thinking or observing ) and body ( muscle relaxation, “true relaxation” )

    -mild exercise

    -positive thinking, abandon hate and anger

    -avoid industrial chemicals, drugs ( both legal and illegal ) and artificial substances which can screw up your body big time.

    these are the essentials of healing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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