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    After coming back from my trip, I thought I’d take a little tryptophan to help me get back on my sleep schedule and boost my serotonin levels. I took it for several days, and had some pretty crazy dreams which were fun, but it seeems that it triggered me into a depression and set me back quite a bit on my sexual recovery in terms of sensitivity.

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    It seems like I’m finally pulling out of the depression I was in – took long enough…. I’m definitely reluctant to be boosting serotonin now.

    I will be doing a neurotransmitter level test soon. Does that mean I need to be cutting out all supplements for several days or what?



    no not necessarily but how mcuh tryptophan did u use? i drink a protein shake which conatins 650mg of the stuff. you might wanna try a combination of fish oil + 5-HTP to boost serotonin or maybe try those craniyums.



    Hi ,

    I can recommend you to eat Shrimps and red salmon meat for the serotonin deficiency. I managed to balance my serotonin imbalance by doing so. Just take 100g every day or so. Don’t overdose, because too much of a good thing can be bad. Dr.Lin also recommends shrimp, and he warns about loading too much of it to the body (liver).

    Shrimp is full of tryptophan, but in a natural form:

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    cottage cheese is another good choice for serotonin.

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