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    Well I thought I’d do a Bedward as I too have good news.

    Even though I preach about egg yolks I have only just got myself into a commited routine of 6 a day.

    And guess what, after 2 days, thats 12 yolks, I was tempted to masturbate, so I did and then I stoped myself during the process because I wasn’t that horny.

    Well you say thats no biggie, but heres the big part, I usually leak semen if I sexually stimulate my penis ever so slighlty or look at porn, but this time I was completly dry, no semen leakage what so ever!

    4th day of strict routine on egg yolks, and I’m getting very slight symptoms of too much dopamine as I felt a bit snappy today but only for a short period; the point being here is that I never got dopamine buildup after celibacy for this short of time, egg yolks must be helping my dopamine somehow, the only time I got excessive dopamine symptoms while celibate for a short period of time was when I was on Dr Lins products.

    My energy has been up also and I don’t feel as lathargic as I use to, recently I woke up early by myself feeling totally refreshed.

    Anyways you didn’t have to read all that, but I can honestly say Egg Yolks have been my biggest sucess yet compared to anything else (supplements); a combination of this with 5-htp, omega oils, sticking with a good diet and celibacy, I am sure I will heal in 6 months time max.

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    this sounds like a great break through.



    A question about egg yolk…can i stick to maybe one per day instead of 6..so it can be gradual. is it as effective?



    The more, the merrier. =)



    but you have to buy organic and either cage free or free-range, these eggs are far superior than commerical bought eggs.

    its probably a good idea to start with 1 then slowly build up, just to give your system so time to get use to it

    i been eating about 6-10 eggs for the last 2 or so years and the only thing i have gotten was loose stools and a minor headache, freshness is key to have no side effects



    That diet with egg yolks sounds pretty good. I’m not too sure eating that many eggs a day would be healthy, as 2 eggs already is crossing the daily recommended amount of cholesterol.



    lol 2 eggs!

    eggs are very healthy. i consume 6-7 whole eggs per day and that cholestrol stuff is over-hyped. just make sure the eggs you get are from a respected source. i decied to get a dozen eggs today from the shupermarket (which isn’t where i usually get them from) and when i opened the box i found 3 that had some nasty black stuff inside and 2 were cracked.



    With my super excellent convincing skills I’ve made a few members start taking egg yolks as part of their recovery; hopefully now more members will share their experiences and any success with egg yolks, and so it won’t make me look like such a BS preacher

    I’m currently interested in you MAX and your condition; you say you’ve been eating eggs for the last 2 years; I presume they’re raw, but was it the entire egg or just the yolk? And what is your sexual dysfunction level?

    ie. can you orgasm, get erect, do you suffer from PE, fast ejaculation, precum, and whats your age?

    Sorry to prod at you but it would really help me understand how eggs have been in part of your progress.

    PS. Is ejaculating really fast or in 30-60 seconds what is referred to as PE? I always imagined PE as precum but does it basically mean fast ejaculation? I probably find this hard to imagine because I can’t picture what the word premature means in ejaculation terms.




    Yes i could orgasm, i can easily get an erection and daily morning erections (egg yolks are the cause i have been getting daily morning erections), i suffer from fast ejaculation, i have pre-cum im 22 yrs old

    i can last long and stay while masterbating, but when im with a girl lets see,,, one time i got good erection but ejacuated within seconds, one time i went limp during sex, and one time i didnt get hard and actually ejaculated while still limp which is a very severe problem’

    my libdo is low for EXAMPLE

    I TOOK A GIRL OUT TO SEE A BAND, after i dropped her off and she asked me to come in, she deffinitly wanted sex, but i said i really must be going!!! = [ i was so upset, i really wanted to be able to go in and do her haha



    Why is recovering so damn hard.

    I can always imagine myself never getting cancer, and if I somehow ever did I could recover easily.

    Celibacy is a large key, I remember I think the most I went was 2 months and that was without supplements, but after masturbation no success in recovery.

    I’m sure if I went celibate for 6 months while eating 6 yolks per day, I’m sure to recover.

    Theres always one day you cock up your streak, yet recently after just starting egg yolks I’ve actually overcome my urges quite easily, while the only time before I could do this was when I was a vegetarian and like Dr Lin says its quite easy to do because you have less dopamine and more seretonin.

    My biggest challenge at the moment is to start doing chi kong exercise; then my recovery will have much more chance.

    The thing is is if everyone on here practiced and perfected it non of us would have the need to masturbate and thus ejaculate.

    Anyway I love this forum and whoevers idea it was to create one, I’m just glad I found it while browsing herbolove.com, as it just easier to find other peoples true opinions and answers to more complex questions.

    Thats a problem I see with Dr Lins site, most of the case studies are people getting the immediate effect of a starting recovery from the supplements, like for example I got really horny, or got a strong erection straigh away, only really showing the fast short term effects, not the whole recovery.



    i mean if i can get to 80% healed id be happy, being able to have sex whenever i wanted and holding a good erection for 30 minutes, but im finding out for me and my condition its going to be almost impossible to get to how I was when i was about 15 years old, i just dont think its physically possible….



    i think im gonna try a Testosterone supplement either tribex or rebound reloaded



    Wow, 6 a day?

    I think I’ll just start on 3 a day so my Dad doesn’t get suspicious on where the eggs are going. Still though, I think he’d even notice if one egg went missing.



    why would he care? eggs are so cheap, i already consumed 15 eggs in a day already



    thats my man



    today i probably had the best moring erection ever, after i woke up i had it for at least 15 minutes…



    hehe, that must be from all those eg yolks the other night



    no its not that, it’s weird some morning i get really strong morning erections, sometimes on the weaker side….



    i honestly think its normal. maybe if you get your test up



    Max how frequent you ejaculating?



    One thing I want to ask you advocates of raw egg eating, there is really no advantage with organic eggs over regular eggs is there?



    yeah theres a huge difference, anything organic is far better and worth the money



    organic eggs don’t have that pesticides and chemical rubbish with it. most of the regular eggs i get from the supermarket look really horrible. either the’re cracked or have black liquid inside of them.they just don’t look good to eat at all. the only ones that come sealed and look really healthy are the caged eggs. i ahve yet to see one that is cracked or looks disgusting.

    as for organic i’m going tomorow to check out the shop and see how those eggs look like



    Another note I’d like to bring up is that a lot of chickens get fed GM soy and anything GM is NOT good for you. Why do they need to prove something is safe when it already is, think about it. They also put a chemical in chickens food to make their egg yolks more yellow.

    My mum bought some non organic free range eggs after they ran out of organic ones and this is my observations with them:

    *There shell is much lighter, almost white unlike organic ones which seem to have a brownish tan

    *They crack incredible easy against the glass, a brittle type shell, unlike the organic ones

    *The egg white came out extremely fast, lost its viscosity, this happened to me with a organic egg once when it had a crack in the shell, I decided to chuck it away because I thought something chainged it when exposed to air (never eat cracked eggs)

    *Some of them actually tasted unpleasent which I have never experienced with organic eggs before

    *And funnily enough I had to pry open an egg box (sorry don’t know the proper word) because one of the eggs had seemed to exploaded and the egg white/yolk was sticking it all together, their was no liquid left, egg seemed dry inside looked like the contents evaporated, but I could clearly see solid egg yolk sticking on to 2 other eggs and the box

    My new biggest advice of getting eggs organic or not, is to make sure they have a brownish tan and are not pale as F*ck.

    I have eaten many non organic eggs, but they were usually omega 3 rich eggs, and non of them have been like the eggs I encountered today.

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