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    Ok I’m in a dilema. I am an athlete, a good one at that. So in order to continue playing…I need to workout. But I’m having questions on how I can work out. Like is it really detrimental to my adrenal fatigue progress if I lift weights and run? Like I feel like such a fatass right now, trying to relax all the time and not do anything to vigorous, but I need to know what I can actually do.

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    from what Ive read and researched you CAN exercise, how much tho is totally dependant on how fatigued your adrenals are. If its moderate to severe, I would seriously chill the f. out when it comes to sports and training. I read a log on here, can’t remember who now on the top of my head of a guy who made great improvements in a few months by abstaining and going easy on the training. But he ended up ruining all that progress with tonnes of skiing and cardio I believe. Just keep it in mind I’d say



    I understand what you’re saying…but how does one know exactly how fatigued their adrenal glands are? Like I’m pretty sure if they it were moderate to severe fatigue, I wouldnt even have the urge to workout or play sports, or let alone be able to do it, you know? Do you think if I’m able to do it, and not feel anymore fatigued and run down now, then its safe to do so?




    I dunno it depends….you are the best person to judge how serious it is. If you are having trouble sleeping/insomnia, hair loss, major loss of libido, then I’d say its pretty serious. Like YingYang has said many times on this board; just listen to your body and trust your instincts on it.



    I’d say its best to leave anything which stresses the adrenals including competitive exercise. When your adrenal heal fully then you can become an athlete again. Otherwise your just relapsing the adrenal recovery even if it is only a small relapse.

    In cases of athletes who have mild adrenal issues, I know doctors allow them to train but require them to cut down on training. Its about getting the right balance between how much energy you create and how much energy you use.

    Are you not getting tested to see if your hormones are ‘normal’? When they are then I suppose you can gradually go back to being as you used to be.



    use common sense

    Exercise at your own levels. If you have adrenal issue (low ) then it may be advisable to take some kind of adrenal support to help recovery when you tend to feel that you endure exercise intolerance. You need to properly asses your adrenal hormone profile and work on lifestyle and identify biological stress that need to be addressed.

    If you feel tired the next day and wiped out you did too much..just take another day off untill your body rebalance it self then slow down next workout.

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