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    Hey Guys,

    For a year and a half, I’ve dealt with what I was told was “prostatitis”. Last week, my Uro now tells me he thinks my prostate was never involved, as it’s small and feels normal. He said it could be a pelvic floor issue. He just told me to live with it and not worry.

    I have bad anxiety and have had it manifest into bizarre symptoms before so that might be playing a role.

    My question though, is sometimes they find trace blood in my urine. It’s not visible, but I am really worried about that. Of course I worry it’s bladder cancer. (30 yr male)

    I had a ct scan, DRE and urine cytology. Everything has been fine. I never had a cystascope and I am terrified to get one. My Urologist never reccomended getting one.

    Basically, this feels like a major UTI. Bladder pain, bladder tenderness upon pressing in the area, I pee 10-20 times a day, inflammation/achiness in the pelvic area, perineum is tight and painful. Pressure/ache at the base of penis. Hard flaccid, burning in the tip, split stream, rarely a tightness in rectum. And it all gets worse with bowl movements or ejaculation.

    Have any of you guys ever had trace blood show up in your urine with this condition?

    Do you think this comes from anxiety/muscle tension or too much ejaculating causing inflammation from prostaglandins? (I typically ejaculate once daily and have since I was 15).

    I can’t tell if this is from my anxiety, masterbating or if it’s something worse. It’s hard for me to go more than 3 days with ejaculating.

    I appreciate any advice or reassurance. I am really nervous about all this. Thanks guys.

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    Sorry to hear man, truth is, I know of no one with CPPS/hard flaccid that has traces of blood in the urine. So that needs research. You could have Intersticial Cystitis.

    Having said that, you seem to have the famous “hard flaccid” condition. Sometimes it comes with incontinence, in fact most of physical therapy its for incontinence problems. What we have down there its a muscle disorder, and related with the mental condition. The root of it its in my opinion one traumatic strain on the penis and the pelvic muscle, then it settles down somehow, maybe because of our mental problems (anxiety, catastrophic thinking, depression) Not sure! I just know I got it from penis exercises and havent had a real orgasm since then. Read about how to treat it here and in hardflaccid.org, but bear in mind 100% recoveries are very rare, though everything its possible.

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