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    does anyone experience wrist pain or weakened wrists?

    My wrists never used to hurt before. I got into gymnastics a few years back just for fun. I learnt handstands and such and it didn’t come easy for me at first cuz my wrists weren’t used to supporting my body weight like that so it was a hard transition but I did it and later never had sore wrists. I stopped working out since like beginning of summer so I never really put pressure on wrists since then. I was working lawn mowing over summer and one day noticed my left wrists is weakened. It wouldn’t hurt in neutral position but as soon as I’d put weight on it, such as handstand/pushup position it would hurt. I thought it was an injury/strain at first. Then a few weeks later my right wrist weakened too. Not as bad as the left, and pain was in a lil different place but still. So I started thinking since both hurt its either from inflammation/thyroid issues or some form of injury like carpal tunnel from working lawn mower all day. But I worked lawn mowing long before and never had any pains and people do it their whole lives with no pain. I quit that job in fall. The pain was reduced for some time.. and some days I could even put pressure on wrists again and they’d just be a lil sore after but not pain like before.

    So I haven’t been working physical really since but wrists are not fully healed. I can do pishups if i wanted to but then they’ll be sore for a while. The left one is still slightly worse than the right.

    Now I’m leaning toward thinking this is due to inflammation for the most part, injury too, but the reason injury is not healing fully is cuz of the inflammation. I’m also thinking maybe my wrsists weakened since I stopped working out.. cuz back when I used to do weights/gymnastics my joints/ wrists always felt strong so maybe when I get back into it it’ll start healing but since I’m not working out for now I can’t find out.

    Anyone else experience wrist pain? I read in some forums that hypothyroid can cause this and common sense tells me inflammation can cause it. I hope its that cuz when I fix hormones it should go away. Hope its not some chronic injury but why would it come out of nowhere?

    Also when I rotate my wrists my left one cracks/pops a lot more than the right but I can;t remember if it used to be different before.

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    ”does anyone experience wrist pain or weakened wrists?”

    Sure do. It’s weird you say your left wrist is worse, as it is for me too. If i’m sat on the floor say, and i put my weight on my left wrist against the floor to stand up, my wrist can’t take the weight. Doing the same on my right wrist, it can take the weight but it’s still a little painfull. My wrist joints click when i move my hand in a circular motion too.

    I have the same problems with my knees too though, like my wrists they sometimes ache a little for no reason, click rather frequently, and just feel weak. When i have to run for whatever reason i worry my knees are going to shatter or something, they feel so weak.

    I like you have just put this down to inflammation and incidentally ordered some of that New Chapter Zyflamend recently from iherb for this very reason. I’ll let you know if it helps once it arrives.


    I wonder if E2 is playing a role here too. I mean iv’e def read that low E2 can cause joint pain, but can high E2 have similar effects?

    Either way this is just another one of those symptoms that will go once we’ve corrected adrenals/androgens etc.

    BTW Merry fucking christmas lol



    Glad I’m not alone. Its fucked up but at least now we’re more sure its due to inflammation.

    “If i’m sat on the floor say, and i put my weight on my left wrist against the floor to stand up, my wrist can’t take the weight.”

    Lee its the same for me. Pretty hard to believe I went from walking handstand to not being able to use my wrist to push me off the ground to get up. My right one can also take the weight but then its sore for a bit.

    jesus.. my knees are not that bad.. yet?.. but sometimes when I get into deep squat position to stretch inner thighs and pelvic muscles I notice my left knee clicking and cracking.. its never done that before.

    Def let me know if the Zyflamend helps.

    I’m sure E2, T, cortisol, inflammation all play a role here.. especially inflammation. I just remembered reading how people at musclechat were saying their joints stopped clicking and cracking so much once they got on TRT.. so ya I’m sure fixing adrenals and androgens should help.

    Here’s my real concern: If our condition goes on for another year or so can it lead to FULL BLOWN ARTHRITIS?

    I dont know much about arthritis but if our wrists and joint are weak at this point.. can it somehow lead to arthritis? or does arthritis take a long time to develop? is it genetic?

    Sargonnas, the wrist pain should clear when you reduce inflammation.. as well as most other symptoms. Bringing hormone numbers to optimal range should do the trick. You english is really getting better man.

    F*ck guys I feel like the fucking Tin woodman from Wizard of Oz. Feel like I need to grease up my joints before my exercise or a limb might fall off.

    Merry Christmas



    Wrist, tail bone, middle back bone , wrists , knees and the other joints feels uncomfortable and sometimes stiff 7 painful

    i find it associated with low FT3, in my opinion having a low to middle ft3 is not sufficient and can lead to joints problem besides the other hormones as you mentioned.

    If the inflammation was the cause, then why my joints becomes less stiffy with fishoil yet my knees feels Hallow or empty, and lately the fish oil didnt make any difference?

    Myabe, specially if it was from our weakened immune system and it causes the attack so this will lead it to jump from a place to another in our bodies.

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