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    i thought I was fucked because of the 400mg test shot. its been bout a month since that shot. I took some bloodwork last wednesday and here it is im confused as shit.

    only variables I did androgel 2 packets and then quit it for like 2 to 3 days before I took this test so I dont know . was taking arimidex 1mg a day and stopped a week before test because I thought I pushed e2 to low

    free t4 1.46 (0.73-1.95)

    TSH 1.3 (0.3-5.1)

    Estradiol 38 (<63)

    FSH 6.2 (1.3-11.4)

    LH 8.0 (1.2-7.8 )

    prolactin 5.7 (3.0-30.0)

    testoosterone 511 (241-827)

    shbg 23 (13-71)

    free t 13.0 (6.0- 27.0)

    IGF-I 333 (116-358)

    dhea 288 (240-549)

    vitamin d3 93 (30-100)

    psa 0.6 (<4.0)

    here are some out of range items

    cholesterol 214 (<200)

    LdL chol 153 (<100)

    ratio LDL/HDL 3.72 (<3.55)

    blood count

    rbc 6.52 (4.10-11.0)

    hematocrit 51.8 (37-49)

    MCV 79.4 (80–100)

    MCH 25.9 (27-34)

    neutrophils 38 (40-74)

    lymphocytes 49 (19-48 )

    from these test my nuts should be big as shit , and I should have somewhat of a libido. or unless my estradiol is still to high for my shbg. or could this be my body has restarted and I just need to give it time.

    heres my options go join the propecia guys

    look into pelvis pain syndrome to see if bloodflow is a issue

    get on testosterone (androgel) and see what it does

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    the 2 packets of androgel could of played a factor in the test evne 2-3 days before why would you even take androgel 2 days before the labs makes no sense , if 511 ng/dl is the testosterone your testicles are making then thats greats news means your not so far out after all and might be able to do go on a therapy similar to j’s but who knows if androgel played a factor in your testosteorne levels only way you will know is to redo the test , also you should of tested for DHT since your saying you have no libido DHT comes in mind first thing , also 1mg a day of arimidex is fucking nuts thats alot of adex man but yet with that much adex your estradiol is at 38? im confused as well




    IF your LH is past the top range and your only producing 511 testosterone then you have some degree of primary hypogonadism. It could be why ur nuts are small.



    I only took the 1mg a day of arimidex after I got the 400 mg test shot figured my shit was already sky high I know stupid huh I havent taken arimidex in probably bout a week of this test. the androgel I was doing it out of desperation and I forgot I had a follow up appointment.

    only other things I have been doing were my nutrients / amino acids balance

    fish oil



    vitamin d3

    the lh is the highest I had I think my last value was at a 6. I wish I had that dht measured , only time I got it measured was saliva and thats not accurate to check.

    yea js , I didnt even notice I was out of range on the LH , now that you say it. im thinking bout checking into the pelvis pain bloodflow issue, never know might have something to do with this as well.



    the anxiety and stress could be effecting your libido, too.



    anxiety could definitely be related to low Pregnenolone,progesterone, cortisol,

    test these if if you can.

    using preg TD. should also bring up DHEAS levels.



    could candida be causing the dhea, progesterone , and other cortisol related hormones to be low or offbalance. I do suspect candida to a degree my toxins levels always have been coming back on the high side.



    Im still having testicle shrinkage my testicles are high majority of the day. I wouldnt say my testicles are shrinking more like my scrotum is disappearing. can you have primary hypogonadism with normal t levels.



    Woah, might want to ease off the vitamin D. even 80 is considered upper range for the most aggressive proponents. most say 50-60 a better target. At least I wold balance it out with vitamin k2 and vitamin A (eat yellow butter to get both).




    Dono where you get your info from. You want vitamin D 80 plus.

    That being said a vitamin is not gona change anything.

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