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    Yes, i had very poor memory, i had very weak joints, especially my knees, i had very bad episodes of depression, decrease in strength, decrease in muscle, sometimes i was unable to get out of bed in the morning, extreme fatigue, some eye floaters, very bad lower back pains, loss of personality, bouts of anger, loss of appetite, headaches, muscle aches, and many others i cant remember at this time.

    Everrything gradually got better with recovery. Within a month of no masturbation, about 80% of the problems posted above were gone.

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    Yeah I have to deal with those to althuogh I didnt have that much muscle and back pain… I handle the depression with sports and sun

    Dave thats amazing you did all that research when you were in such a bad condition.

    Just for letting me feeling identified with someone about my main problem, did you feel kind of confusion like you can’t keep up when you were arguing with someone? Or you had trouble articulating?



    I never had any of those problems.

    I did feel however like i didnt fit in with my friends anymore. I didnt feel sexual anymore and when you are a guy at the age of 20 like i was at the time, you just kinda feel out of place.

    Well with any of your problems, you should get better eventually. Depression hit me a few days out of the month but it always got better




    So, if you got all your problems fixed (I guess the personality too), you won’t be able to really tell if the Brazil Coral can help sexual exhaustion. How are you going to judge the Coral?

    Thanks for the informative replies BTW.



    Well, according to William, the brazil coral calcuim is supposed to be a better mineral supplement than regular mineral supplements.

    I always eat healthy, no matter what. I get everything possible out of foods. But in veggies and fruits and such, there are just not the same amount of vitamins and minerals in such foods 50 years ago. Farmers are depleting the soil of its nutrients and the foods we eat today do not have the nutrients we all need for optimal health, especially a healthy sex life.

    If this brazilian coral calcium is really the answer to overejacuation (which in reality could only amount to a piece of the whole puzzle to recovery) then i should notice a difference in my erection strength and sex drive even as i am recovered. Just to note to everyone, the brazil coral calcuim is not going to be the answer to sexual exhaustion problems. It could help, but you still have to take a multivitamin, eat extremely healthy, exercise, sleep right, and keep a positive and relaxed attitude towards recovery to actually recover. [size=12][/size

    How is it that guys who eat pizza, burgers, junk food, potato chips, etc everyday, or who dont eat much at all not have any sexual problems? Well when these same people start eating right and taking vitamins, their sex drives start going through the roof. But they must not have ever had overejaculation.

    In recovering from overejaculation, it is hard to recover fully with just food alone since the nutrients in our food has diminished so much. That is why these supplements are so important to recovery.

    Even as you recover, vitamins and minerals are going to be needed everyday to keep this from happening again, and to keep sexually healthy from recovery on.

    I have decided to try the brazil coral calcium and see if i notice any difference. When someone comes on the other forum like that saying they have the answer, well it better freakin work because everyone that is in this situation or has been in this situation like myself knows how scared you get when you have these symptoms. You want fast answers and fast solutions. For me it never happened like that. I found the information i needed and i found a way to recover, but it takes alot of focus to get there. If there was just a few pills i could have taken to get better in a few months, i would have been excited. In my opinion, recovery will take more than just a few mineral pills. The body is completely drained and it takes alot to get it back to normal. sex hormones fluctate so much that it is hard to get production of them running high all the time for recovery. For instance, testosterone levels fluctuate throught the day, the week, the month, and definitely part of the year, usually around fall/winter time.

    I have my tried and true supplements but before i can add brazil coral calcium to that least and to tell peole to take it, i have to see results and i have to hear results from other people.



    Alan Ritz has been able to recover from sexual exhaustion using a almost identical method to Dave W’s. However we are all puzzled as to why the supplements are not doing much for the rest of us.

    William J. might or might not have found the anwser, if someone have mineral deficiency and thus cannot assimilate the nutrients in the supplements, then William is onto something. However like Dave said about Brazil live coral, it is not going to be the only thing that you need for recovery as it doesn’t boost say Acetylcholine or Testosterone levels. Or maybe it might be if you have a mineral deficiency which is preventing you from assimilating nutrients from foods and supplements. We will have to wait and see as members of the forum experiment with this Brazil live coral. Give it two month before coming to a conclusion.

    Something I’m working on right now and some of you might want to try is Bioperine, Dr.Lin mentioned it to me a while ago along with Papaya enzymes but I only took the Papaya enzymes. Just today I was doing some Internet research on impotence and came to a website selling a product containing ingredients such as Ginseng, L-arginine, deer antler and Tribulus for a total of 24 ingredients. It claimed that out of the 24 ingredients in their formula, Bioperine is the most important one and which is something that is ignored by many of their competitors. They say that herbs are hard to digest and without Bioperine most of the ingredients just go straight to waste. Something you guys should get and take it with Dave’s routine and see if this leads somewhere. It’s very cheap so don’t miss it.



    yes bioperine will help absorbtion alot!

    One thing that this forum may need to focus on is the possibility of true impotence and what i call sexual shutdown.

    Life in general is very unpredictable, and we cannot have an answer for everything unfortunately.

    There is one member of the herbolove forum who suddenly fell victim of impotence after he smoked weed ONE time and did shrooms ONE time! Everything i told him to do was not working. He said he managed to get a little bit better, but he was not recoverying much.

    Modern medicine offers many ways of finding the cause of impotence and there have been breakthroughs in premature ejaculation problems.

    There are so many reasons for ED and PE. Certain medications, hormones, depressions, mental ailments, thyroid problems, cortisol, cholesterol, and many others.

    I think the first thing one should do in the case of these problems( if ED is unexplainable or if recovery is not happening) is to see a doctor.

    Overejaculation is not always the cause for these problems. A weak erection could also be a veneous leak.

    We have to conclude on some cases that a doctor’s help is needed

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