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    manny has advocated massage as a good way for healing

    how about yoga?

    i heard it stimulates ceratin points in your body and releases stresss…

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    Yoga is great for relieving stress.

    Often when my groin is burning/inflamed from too much Prostaglandin E2, I find it gets better.

    Anything you can do to reduce stres hormones is great.

    I have noticed other posts on this forum that suggest weight lifting to boost testosterone. I don’t think this is a good idea. When lifting causes an excess surge in neuro transmitters, which is the real problem.

    I weight lifted for 20 years (I’m 40 now) and I think that contributed to a lot of the damage. Dr. Lin doesn’t like weight lifting

    I actually used to get panic attacks while I was lifting heavy weights.



    yoga and massage are just as good as one another. weight lifting is fun. but like frank o says it does require quite a bit of energy. however in my book it definitely should be there. the environement is just different from sitting at home on a computer and if you have a training partner it becomes even more inteersting. i really enjoy it.



    its very interesting to hear that you got panic attacks from weightlifting. maybe it wasn’t the right kinda sport for you.



    i do realize what y’re saying. i usually lift for 40 minutes and just do supersets nowadays. saves time.

    the cardio seems to help me a lot when i’m done



    i chose massage because it increased dopamine and serotonin and reduced cortisol. at the end of the one month study all the patients depression had gone. people say yoga is a good way to relax but i dont know whether it increases dopamine and serotonin. you might want to check for clinical studies involving yoga.

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