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    you will know when you are healed when you have not got any symptoms. when your symptoms go away, then you are 80% – 100% healed. the body may still be doing more healing even when your symptoms go away.

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    My thing is how is a normal person supposed to feel? What are the symptoms of being healed? The symptoms I know that I have now is that I have eye floaters, probably premature ejaculation. I dont know if I have precum or not. I dont wake up with erections, I dont get spontaneous erections where I’d be sitting down doing math homework and I’ll get hard, but I can think of something and I’ll get hard(especially in the morning) sometimes. It’s kinda hard to know without actually having sexual activity. Also no one should abstain for a long time right? I had planned on 3 months , but from what I’ve been hearing that could be dangerous. So should I only take a month off then start regulating? If you’re regulating once every two weeks or 1-2x a week, would that just stop you from healing, but you also wont get any worse.




    a normal person is supposed to feel the same way before they were sexually exhausted. when your symptoms such as eye floaters and premature ejaculation go away then you are healed.

    you get a erection faster in the morning because thats when the hormones are at their highest.

    dont abstain from ejaculation for a long time. ejaculate once every 2 weeks. thats what i do.



    a normal person is supposed to feel the same way before they were sexually exhausted. when your symptoms such as eye floaters and premature ejaculation go away then you are healed.

    you get a erection faster in the morning because thats when the hormones are at their highest.

    dont abstain from ejaculation for a long time. ejaculate once every 2 weeks. thats what i do.once every two weeks and you’re still healing?

    See the thing is, I dont know how long I’ve been exhausted. It wasnt like one day I woke up and I said, damn I’m exhausted. It probably happened over a period of time and I didnt know until I tried to have sex and couldnt get an erection. So I dont know how I was when I wasnt exhausted…






    So let me get this straight. Abstaining for a period of time(how long is too long?) can cause serious damage to ones testicular function…but not giving yourself enough break from ejaculating wont allow yourself to heal? Seems like a lose lose situation to me. How the hell is one supposed to heal then? I’ve been hearing for the past couple months the best way to heal is to limit frequency and stop ejaculating for months at a time then come back with limited frequency…but now I’m hearing not ejaculating for a while…even as long as a month, can disable testicular funtion and form semen stones and stuff like that. Whats a person to believe…



    i went about 40 days without ejaculating now i do it 1x, 1-2 weeks and im healing quite well



    i’ve been avioding it for 52 days, so far so good. i’m getting a testostorene level check and a DHEA check done as well.




    its still important to eat good and exercise daily



    i agree with Max. you still need a good diet and exercise. although i still find it quite difficult to completely aviod junk food, so i have an-all out junkie meal every saturday



    people can heal if they limit the ejaculation frequency but it all depends on how much recharging power the body has got. if you cant heal naturally then a person has to use products and limit ejaculation frequency.



    people can heal if they limit the ejaculation frequency but it all depends on how much recharging power the body has got. if you cant heal naturally then a person has to use products and limit ejaculation frequency.

    raven what you have to understand is what you have been hearing for the last few months is what we knew for the last few months,we are fighting this on our own,there are no set rules.

    its trail and error im afraid kid,the more things we get through the closer we come to pour answers,relax,eat a pie,take a strole in the park, have some fun man



    Ok, so what was the point of completely abstaining from ejaculating for months at a time…who thought about that? The younger you are, the more healing/recharging power you most likely have right?

    Also you said that you arent getting worse, but you arent healing. Why arent you healing?



    i think you could stop ejaculations for 6 months and have little to no side effects, just do whats best for you, you’ll figure it out how often todo it; spontaneous erections is your only indicator of how often to ejaculate



    Max Ugh…why is that man? You’re making my confusion worse. I was set on doing it once every 2 weeks like everyonce else but the you said you think I could abstain for 6 months without any problems…ahh. What are symptoms of someones semen becoming jelly like and the seminal stones forming without ejaculating first?

    So when one ejaculates, they shouldnt do it again until they get morning erections and spontaneous erections again? It just happens to be 2 weeks for most people? And if they do that, they will still be healing?



    Dr.Lin’s explanation on the neuro-endocrine function explains your question:


    Listen man, just regulate your ejaculation frequency. Homostasis is what is optimal. Don’t under or over do it. If you feel that you’re going to get exhausted then don’t do it, if you feel like you have a lot of energy then your body will tell you. Listen to your body. I don’t know what to say if you yourself don’t know how exhausted or not exhausted you are.

    By the way this was a e-mail I just got from Dr.Lin about the neurotransmitter system and the endocrine system. So to recharge the ANS and to bring down prolactin levels, it looks like testosterone is the key.



    , dude I don’t think Max meant you literally as in YOU. I think he’s trying to say that it is probably safe to go six months but that depends on your condition and you should listen to what your body tells you. I think that’s what he meant. You’re just stressing yourself out man.



    This regulation thing is going to be highly contested for a while. At this moment, we can’t confirm exactly what will happen to those who stop altogether, versus those who simply restrict frequency. I think people with only minor symptoms can go with regulation as a solution, whereas others with more severe damage or depletion might actually have to abstain for an extended period of time.

    Dr. Lin has said that depending on the extent of overmasturbation, nerve and/or prostate duct damage takes around 3-12 months to fully recover. He did not say whether in that timespan, whether everybody should stop, or merely restrict themselves, although in some other areas he has said that the negative feedback loop is crucial. I would beg to differ, considering that some people have never masturbated regularly in their lives and do just fine, whereas others may have wet dreams or nocturnal emissions as the body sees fit, or never at all.

    Not to take anything away from his expertise, but Dr. Lin is running a business in the end — he does not want anyone to expel sexual activity from their lives forever, because that would mean less clients for him, and a lower chance of selling his products. He wants most people to maintain some degree of sexual activity so that they continue to find his work neccessary.

    As for myself, I believe that my problems will not go away simply through regulation. I’ve taken many supplements, altered my diet, and have attempted to regulate ejaculation to little avail. I believe that my prostate and nerves require an extended period of abstainence before I can slowly introduce regulation again. The jury is obviously out on all of us, and you can only hope that somewhere along the line, we will all be free from this neurological malady and lead enjoyable sex lives again.



    I too agree with everyone, listen to your own body and stop stressing too much. Trial and error method. I think situation is bad, if potential/libido does not increase at all when preserving energy.



    last few months have been good and bad, found this site in may i belive,my emotions were wild at that time,there still alll over the place but not as bad.

    ive made progress,not much but ive made some

    i need to sort my attitude more than anything.

    ive stated im quiting many times before, last a week or so, at this point,in this state i feel i will not recover.

    due to many things,mainly my attitude,and emotions.

    if i carry on as i am theres a 70% chance ill be sitting here in the same state this time next year,im not going to allow that to happen.

    im quiting for one year…… 25th sep-25th sep

    id rather take the chance and make things worse than stay as i am, ive given my body one hell of a hammering for a long long time,and even coming on this board every day belive it or not is making my situation worse,its the first thing on my mind,my problems,when they should be the last.

    my body is not stupid, if it needs to release it will do so as i sleep.

    if you do what youve always done youl get what youve always got-ive had my life on hold for so long due to this waiting for it to be corrected before i live as i want to be-i cant afford to do that any more.

    im going to concentrate on fixing my brain chemistry

    my exercise/health and boxing

    building a good carea out of somthing

    expanding my group of friends

    and generally not giving a toss about anything but fun.

    im still going to research,use suppliments,find the key to this problem,im just not going to think about it every moment of the day…………



    time try Urine for 6 months.. its free and it could work



    12 all the way.



    so your going to try urine ?

    drink morning only, let us know if you see results, i did it for 2 weeks then stopped



    why did u stop?

    and how much i need to drink?



    i stopped just because i got tired of doing it, but im planning on restarting…you can start off with just a small amount then just urinate into the toilet then get your midstream then finish in the toilet.. you should yeild up to 2-3 ounces which would be good…

    i will actually start tommorow, not just for sexual health but for overall health to



    Time, you have just summed up the state of mind I’ve been in for long and the things I have to do to get a life again.

    I have put away fun for a long time cause I had only one thing on my mind. Not being able to…

    Postponing any fun till I’m recovered.

    that’s not the way to go.

    If I start to do things again that will make me enjoy life i will have a better chance of recovering. Staying in the house feeling depressed about my situation will not get me anywhere.

    I’m gonna have some fun.



    so true man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    One thing about the urine therapy. Urine therapy’s greatest assets is self-immunization, but the nutritive part is not as strong, although most of the neurochemicals your urine has are in components and concentrations designed just for your body.

    For sexual recovery, you need to make sure your kidneys are strong enough for such re-exposure first. Those with Kidney Yin deficiency will have upset stomach or diarrhea, meaning that the body deems it an irritant more than a elixir. In other words, it may not work for everyone. Otherwise, there’s only two things you need to remember:

    1) Drink at least one litre of water daily

    2) Only your morning piss is effective enough (for sexual problems)

    The best way to start off is with 10mL or a shot glass full of urine in the morning. It has to be morning because that batch is the fluid produced during sleep, when hormones and neurosynthesis is at its peak. Once your body becomes acclimated to urine, you can progressively drink more without any problems on your road to recovery. There have been records in India of people resilient to a quart of their own daily urine.

    And don’t forget to drink at least one litre of water. You have to drink it anyways for your system to filter effectively, and the recommended daily amount of 2.8L would probably help.



    Have you tried the therapy before by any chance?



    i did it for 2 weeks and just started again a few days again, i never got any side effects from it

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