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    I finally got tired of just talking about the problem i have, so i went to a health natural food store here in my home town. i told the owner/which he is also a nurse too about my low testerone levels and how i was concerned about my problem. he told me that i needed anything that had dhea in it. he said i should try this cream( d-35 complete) and to take some cobora which is a mixture of stuff. well i figured what the hell. he did tell me that the cream he has used and it made him horny and ready to go all nite. i thought yea right. i tried it. i have only used it once so far, and had an erection 2hours later, than later on i used more of it ( like the directions said on both stuff) and went over to my girlfriends house and when ever she touch me it sent chills down my spine. oh yea had another erection. so i guess the stuff really works. Just i couldn’t get off when i was with my girlfriend, but hell i would rather have a erection and not get off than to be a noodle… we went for about an hour, she can figure out why i could not get off, shortly after thou when we was talking things went to normal. just thought i would let ya’ll know. I had a little more energy today since i took it. feel real good, maybe it will get better the more i take it..

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    I’m not a huge believer in supplemental gels since their is a real question as to the efficacy of the transdermal system but it appears your anecdotal testimony runs contrary to my beliefs.

    What you are referring to is located here:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    Has anyone else had good luck with this gel?



    That’s interesting, keep us updated…



    tonite i went over to my girlfriends house we did not do anything except held each other tightly, and my body sprung another erection. feels good to finally get one of those.. i use the d-35 twice aday and the cobora i use it 2 pills twice aday. seems to works for me. i have only used it now for 3days..



    Hey redwizer101, do you have a link for the cobora? Can’t seem to find anything on the net



    Is it Cobra or Cobora? If its Cobra, is it this?

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    seems like good stuff. but i really want to test my hormonal levels before i try to boost anything. so i can zero in on whats causing my problems and focus on that. i will have a testesterone/sbgh/estrogen (free and total) to see if my test is being made available. My total is high but I need to know about the free. Then comes the dhea, LH, Prolactin etc. Step by step



    Yes, this D-35 is definetly interesting. I’d be willing to try it out, but I don’t have any money right now for new supps. I also want to try the Male Libido Rescue as a replacement for AAKG, since it is a transdermal L-Arginine supplement that bypasses the digestive system, so probably would work even better than AAKG.

    I hope to hear more about this, thanks for bringing it to our attention.




    tell us if you have the same results in a few weeks

    or what happens when you stop

    only thing is i dont see much of a differnece between Cobora and dr.lins products



    Dr. Wilson, author of Adrenal Fatigue talks about replacement hormones via creams. It might be more than just DHEA, D-35 also contains Progesterone and Pregenolone, which are far up the hormone chain.

    This link explains it very well.

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    The above link also discusses adrenal fatigue

    I actually bought D-35 a couple of weaks ago, but I haven’t tried it yet, since I want to do one more ZRT test (including progesterone) before I start taking these bio-identical hormones. I’m going to do my test this weekend and mail it off..then try D-35. I’ll let you know if I see any change

    The idea, as described by Dr. Wilson, and on the link above seems to be that you won’t need to take these forever…..only until your adrenal glands recover.



    sounds like a genuine product. I got my LH,FSH,estrogen and prolactin tested over the week. hopefully the results will be out soon.



    ok i spelled it wrong it is spelled cobra.. I looked on the box there is no web site on it. But this is to keep ya’ll up to date. the other nite i was at my girlfriends house we went out. then came back to her place. she gave me a bj. she was upset because i did not get off, so we had sex after the bj i got off then… Then a few minutes later (30min) we went up to her room kissed and played around, she was in the mood, surprize’nly i was too. damn two erections 1 right after another.. but after that i could not go again like she wanted.. The next morning she wanted to go again, but i was not up for the fun.. That is the update, but i am curious that is this just a quick fix too a problem or should i get testerone shots, reason being i still don’t think about sex like i used to.. But when i’m around her she puts me in the mood. just look at the site that ravensfan2k3 put up and yes that is the same stuff i am taking…..



    Red have you tried any DR.LIns products?



    whatever happened to red?? i want to add the d-35 to my new regime. he’s probably doing fine (which is a good thing). that must must explain his absence

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