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    I have been thinking with such a thread for almost 6 months, the idea of this thread is to record the protocol & method the member have taken to deal with SE despite if its successful or not.

    The purpose of this thread is to record and credit what people have tried and why they have tried it , so we can share experience and knowledge for the upcoming years rather than letting our approachs getting killed and left behing in the pages, i hope that this thread will be filled of methods by soon.

    The format structure of the replies must be as following:


    mentioning blood tests , physical symptoms ,psychological is needed in here

    B-Your Protocol:

    mention every step you have taken and why you have chose to do it

    as an example :

    I have took 12 grams of XXXXX from this Brand [Link for the product]

    C-Reason for taking that supp:

    you can say that u have red some articles about it or like done some tests and found myself deficient in that area [ posting some links would be great]


    you can mention your change in tests if there is any , or what have experienced after taking it

    E-Diet Change:

    what have you sticked with, what have you avoided

    F-Life style Change:

    exercise , sleeping pattern..etc

    G-Result on this Method:

    mention the number of month you have been trying and working on that methodprotocol are you staisfied , willing to add any new things and what was your main mistakes.


    Other rules:

    1-Its essential to stick with the main structure of this thread that were mentioned above [ point A-G] , in case you haven’t done any change in that field, just mention.

    2-Its acceptable to post a successful protocol done by any of the old fellows or other websites if you managed to find it .

    3-Chating , Discussing, is not allowed in this thread

    (messages that doesnt relate to the main topic will be deleted).

    in case you liked to open a discussion on a protocol you liked or hate , you need to open a new thread in the general forum and discuss that matter

    4- In case you needed to add some points later on, add it to the first reply you have made (Using edit feature) , otherwise it will be modified and merged to the your original reply.

    5- In case you needed something, feel free to PM me


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    W. protcol

    taken from this thread:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    protcol posted on Fri Sep 12, 2008 6:11 am

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