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    Hey guys,

    I have a question about which is the best Zinc to take. From what I have read it looks like Zinc Picolinate is the best and most easily absorbable form… However in this link – http://www.docsprefer.com/Zinc.htm Wong suggests Zinc Citrate… I am a bit confused about which Zinc to go for now… Can you guys give some advice?

    Also is it okay to consume high doses of Zinc every day (like 100mg)



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    i would listen and do as Dr. M says Sean, the mans a legend.



    I’m surprised that a doctor like Mariano would give a T4 medication to treat hypothyroid.



    man this is disappointing…. so Wong is not what he claims to be…

    the recovery path seems to be full of obstacles… but don’t give up Sean. at least you came to know before it was too late..

    experiment with more supplements. i feel that you should take a look at the “recovery successes” posted by and jobe27. i am basing my regimen from what i have seen there… above all remember that abstinence is key to recovery..



    zinc picolinate is a good one to take.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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