What is Sexual Exhaustion?

what is sexual exhaustionThe term “Sexual Exhaustion” doesn’t really exist in the medical world, and that is because the term is so vague that diagnosing someone with Sexual Exhaustion could be a gross over-simplification of what the person is experiencing.

Sexual Exhaustion is an ambiguous term to cover any instance of someone suffering physically, be it with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) , Premature Ejaculation, and many other related issues, usually as a result of excessive sex, or most commonly, excessive masturbation to porn.

Unfortunately, online porn has caused problems for many people hooked on the dopamine-release and the novelty of a new two-dimensional partner whenever they wish, and instances of Sexual Exhaustion are increasing rapidly.

Adrenal fatigue can sometimes fall within Sexual Exhaustion, along with Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation, but you can be confident that this can be cured.

Be aware, however, that there is no quick-fix, and although this site will recommend supplements, vitamins, and minerals to help restore your body’s balance; a lifestyle change is also in order; and in the most extreme cases, blood tests will be required to help determine where your body is deficient and to get an accurate diagnosis.

For the majority of sufferers you can expect to experience huge improvements within 90 days.


Where To Start

  • Head over to the Recovery section of this website.

We’ve broken down the main areas you need to assess and improve in order to completely recover.


What to Avoid

We had to bring this up as many of our forum members have been posting about and quoting someone called “Dr Lin”. If you have been reading (and buying supplements from) “Dr Lin“, you need to be aware that he mixes a lot of bullshit in with the facts. Do not buy into the fear and misinformation on his website or you will find that your recovery, if you ever achieve it, will take many years and cost a lot of money.

“Dr Lin” tries to make himself seem like a medical doctor, when he truth is that he has no medical degree. He has been taking advantage of the fear and desperation of men struggling with symptoms that are associated with Sexual Exhaustion in order to sell his products for many years.



    Ok so what is the supplementation we need to get in order to recover if Dr Lin is a scam ?
    Whats your solution and don’t tell us abstinence because its not enough.
    There were cases of sexual exhaustion that after 2 or 3 months they saw no results.
    You have to heal yourself as well. You have to take the proper supplements as well as the proper ratio of abstinence which it depends on the individual.

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